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Georgia Colony Advertisement Project

Inayah Garden and Kyanna Kirkland

Kyanna Kirkland

on 16 January 2013

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Transcript of Georgia Colony Advertisement Project

Are you ready to take the journey? Has it been tough in England? Are you tired of sleeping on the streets? Well come on to the new world! Georgia is the finest colony known to man!!! We would like to invite you to the new American colony of Georgia. This colony was established in 1732 by General James Edward Oglethorpe. He wants to help the less fortunate citizens of London by bringing them to the New World. To achieve this goal he formed a group of twenty one men. In the summer of 1730 they went to King George asking for a portion of land southwest of the South Carolina. In June of 1732 Oglethorpe and his men received a charter from King George and funding from Parliament. Once you are selected for the voyage to the New World you must agree to certain rules. These rules include defending the new colony against all enemies, not selling or borrowing money against given land, using a portion of your land to grow mulberry trees, and cultivating the new settlement using seeds and agricultural tools. Also, you must obey all regulations made by the trustees. As a fair exchange for agreeing to and following these rules the trustees have promised to give you fifty acres of land, tools, enough food for a year, indentured servants, and freedom. With all do respect….. GENERAL JAMES AND THE TRUSTEES WILL BE ETERNALLY OVERJOYED TO SEE YOU ALL !!! Don't turn away...
Move to Georgia Today!
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