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grade 3s Ecosystems

on 11 March 2013

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Transcript of isabella

By: Isabella Answer #1. A hippo is a herbivore that's why it eats grass and NOT other animals. Question #2. How long can Hippos stay under water and why do they want to stay under water? Answer #5. Hippos are connected to a grassland and river or lake because it needs the grass to eat. It needs the water to drink and play in, It needs lots of room and it can find its mates to have babies. Question #1. Even though a Hippo is heavy why does it just eat grass and not other animals? Answer #2. Hippos go under water because grass grows under the water. A hippo can stay under water for 5 min . HIPPOS Question #3. Where does a Hippo live and why does it live there? Answer #1. Hippos live near lakes and rivers for the water and grass. Question #5. How is a Hippo connected to its environment? Question #6. What is a lake ecosystem and how does it work? Answer #6. A lake is a stream of water and there are lots of living things there like......... fish and lots of plants. Answer #7. Lake water is fresh water that means that plants like........ water lillies, reeds and flowers will grow there. Question #7. Where in the world is the longest rivers? Answer #7. The longest river is the Nile river in Egypt. Question #8. What kind of plants live in a lake? question #9. What other animals can live in a lake or river? Answer #9. fish, birds, ducks, frogs , and tadpoles those are most of the animals that live in a river. Question #10. Why does there need to be balance in this ecosystem? Answer #10. There needs to be balance because well lets say a hippo got killed by a human and if that keeps happening hippos wont exist and then animal that eat hippos will soon die. Answer #4. Hippos are herbivores. That means that they only eat plants. So, hippos can eat other things than grass but it would be another plant not an animal. question #11.What actions could we take to protect this ecosystem? Answer #11. We could all stop littering. Stop building houses on top of this ecosystem. If we continue, the ecosystem will get ruined and the hippos will eat the garbage and die. Instead we should make it better! THE END STOP LITTERING Citatations 1. Ask.com

2. Hippo info.com


4.The nature conservancy.lk

5. Google images Question #4. Can Hippos eat other things but grass and if they can what?
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