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Positioning & Negotiating

Positioning & Negotiating for Local Sales

Jodi Rainey

on 19 August 2016

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Transcript of Positioning & Negotiating

What comes First?
Decision Influencers
Competitve Factors
What does Success Look Like?
Key Strengths
the ones that matter...

Cox Media Group
Popternative delivers A25-44 Station skews slightly male but is female friendly and knows how to motivate its audience
FM Talker… if you are looking to reach men this is the first place you should go. Station skews heavily male and is the exclusive FM talk station in the market. Delivers 25-54 with very little waste- 80% of WHPT’s audience is 25-54

The Big AC in Tampa
WWRM is our straight-ahead AC in the market- you can’t reach women in Tampa without Magic! Bridges the gap between WPOI and WDUV making CMG 1-stop shopping for reaching Tampa Bay's Women.
*WDUV IS Tampa
Heritage Soft AC.
Dominant 35-64
but station is also top ranked in ALL female demos- 18-49, 25-54, 35-64 and dominates in older adult demos. Should lead on any business targeting Pasco and Pinellas.
CHR - top ranked superserves women… we cover the younger end but also the “soccer moms”

Be Specific.

Write it down.
Agreement = Success
List of Client "Wants"
List of Your Wants
List of What You Can
"Part With"
List of What Client Can "Part With"
List of What You can Part With
- Sponsorships
- promotion
- added value idea
- rate concession
- cross-promotion
- frequency builder in an opportunity week
- tickets
List of What the Client can Part With
- Money/Share of budget

- Information about your competition i.e. rates, proposal, positioning strength,...

- rates, they can force someone else to provide efficiencies

- air dates - maybe they can shift?

- the lowest items on their priority list (which you determined earlier)

CPP Goals
GRP Goals
Desired Flight Weeks
Desired Stations
Added Value
Competitive Information
Daypart Goals

Top Rates

Entire Budget


Good Communication

Info about competition

Fast Payment

Cluster Positioning & Negotiating
Make it Easy
Do not part with anything unless you get something in return. Any concession you make, should be contingent on getting something on one of the client's lists.
...or you'll wish you had.
Decide at the beginning, where you want to finish.
Forbes Magazine,
October 8, 2012

"The Secret Art Of Negotiating:
Take Your Ego
Off The Table"
233 National Advertisers on Cox Tampa stations

43% of the Total Spot revenue

Over 50 National Sales Reps

40% market share on national availed business

Avail Goal is 50%+

Avail Prep Checklist

Target Demo
Secondary Demos
CPP goals
Daypart Percentage Requirements - by market or by station?
Packaging areas allowed to count toward overall CPP? Overlapping dayparts allowed? i.e. 5-10a vs 5-6a
Preferred formats
Overlapping formats or spectrum?
Preferred Station List
Budget/ # stations desired
Qualitative considerations
Promotional considerations


top ranked in basically any demo you look at… slight male skew but is always top ranked with women as well. Huge audience with the #2 cume A22554 and top 3 throughout the day in prime.

1 WFLZ-FM 9,000 0.8
2 WXGL-FM 8,800 0.8
3 WHPT-FM 8,500 0.7
4 WDUV-FM 8,100 0.7
5 WLLD-FM 7,800 0.7
6 WXTB-FM 7,400 0.6
7t WPOI-FM 7,300 0.6
7t WBTP-FM 7,300 0.6
9 WYUU-FM 6,300 0.5
10 WQYK-FM 5,700 0.5
11 WMTX-FM 5,200 0.4
12 WWRM-FM 5,100 0.4
13 WFUS-FM 5,000 0.4
14 WCIE-FM 4,400 0.4
15t WSUN-FM 3,800 0.3
15t WRBQ-FM 3,800 0.3
You won't hit CPP goals by station anymore, you will try to hit with the cluster only.

If 100-150 GRPs/6-7 station buy, the most desirable stations should all be significantly above CPP since they will be "must buys". Less desirable stations should be at or below goal.
The Easiest Way to Drive Share
is Through Rate.
Making it Easy - Scheduling for Share:

Build the schedules to the exact specs following all "real" rules/expectations re: daypart percentages, packaging, etc..

GRP's should match the share you are going for. Going over is as bad as going under because your goal is that the buyer does not redo what you put together. Tell the buyer you did this and state your goal.

Go in as close to your best offer as possible because multiple rounds of negotiation will likely not happen.

Be consistent - rotators and packaging consistent on all stations - and keep them to the level you have already agreed on.

Any concessions made must be contingent on the buyer meeting your share goals.
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