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Our Homelessness Prezi.

Jasmine Chanthavong

on 27 July 2015

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Transcript of Homelessness

This is a BIG Deal!
How many kids are homeless?
Effects of Becoming Homeless
Cardio respiratory diseases
Diseases affect the heart and lungs
Tuberculosis - a disease that effects the lungs
Nutritional deficiencies
Sleep deprivation
Physical and sexual assault
Drug dependency
Mortality - death
Thursday, June 11, 2015
Vol Knowledge, No.1
Homeful is Hopeful
By: Jasmine, Lydia, Angelica, and Rebecca
Causes of homelessness
Connections Between Illness and Homelessness
6% with cancer lost homes
mental disorders keeps thousands homeless on streets
some in shelters and some are not
in the 1970s the mentally ill and homeless increased
more than 250,000 mentally ill and homeless in the U.S.A.
there's no safe place to store medicine when homeless
It Can All End
What is Homelessness?
No simple definition
Physical Effects:
Personal Effects:
Loss of self esteem
Increase in misusing substances
Less able to care for themselves
Increase in abuse/violence
Develop behavioral problems
Thanks for watching our prezi. If you want to check out Be Homeful go to this link.
How to Help the Homeless
Spread the word/Understand it
Bring/Donate food
Donate clothes
Donate toys - for children
Volunteer at a shelter/soup kitchen
Tutor a child
Ways YOU Can Help
The Salvation Army - emergency shelter - includes a place to sleep, food, work programs
HUD Exchange - helps with food and healthcare
Local Public Housing Agency - financial help - proves someone has a disability, and needs help, so government pays some rental fee
A new solution to end it all. Prevention.

Did you know that many people in homeless shelters don’t really need to be there? Sometimes the money for a tank of gas, a bus ticket, or moving expenses can prevent a family from experiencing homelessness. In fact, homeless experts believe that investing money to help prevent families from becoming homeless is less expensive than paying for the effects of homelessness. Why is this important? It is important because the best way for a child to learn and thrive is to have a stable home where they can feel confident that they have what they need.

To prevent homelessness, social service agencies are starting to ask different questions when people reach out for help. Now, when families call 211 because they are about to become homeless, they are asked questions to find
other than going to a homeless shelter. When they do this, it provides the assistance that they need so they won’t face homelessness.

Homeless Stereotypes
How many people are homeless?
How Does the Government and
Economy Affect Homelessness ?
Between 2.3 and 3.5 million
people are homeless
in U.S. per year
12,000 to 14,000 people
are homeless in CT

1.5 million kids
homeless in
the U.S.A. each year
2,400 kids are estimated to be homeless in Connecticut
About 40% of the
homeless population
are kids
Federal government - expanding knowledge of homelessness through research projects
HHS= Department of Health and Human Services
HHS - funded by federal government - Has healthcare, programs to help the homeless and programs to help with education and food.
HUD= U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development - this group provides housing for homeless people
USICH= United States Interagency Council on Homelessness
goal to end homelessness
there are steps to end homelessness such as setting targets, measuring results, acting strategically, and partnering with the community to help
Be Homeful Project
How To Decorate a Marmalade Jar

Start with a empty a marmalade jar or buy a marmalade jar. Decorate it with pictures that remind you of home. Put a Be Homeful tag around the neck and find out how to collect change in your jar. When you’re done collecting, bring the jar with the tag to People’s United Bank.

Focus on lack of jobs
Help people with low salaries
Increase affordable housing
Ensure access to food
Provide shelter for homeless people
Support education, treatment for addiction, and medical care

An organization called the Connecticut Coalition to End Homelessness (CCEH) has also created an action project called Be Homeful. They are trying to raise money to help prevent families from getting to the point where they have no home. They say that if every person in Connecticut would donate one dollar, they could help prevent 1,500 families from becoming homeless in Connecticut.

This project is doing a lot to end family homelessness. Connecticut is an expensive state for housing. Just for a family of four, they would have to earn more than $65,000 to afford bills for housing. So, the Be Homeful project can really help families.

The Be Homeful Project, also has a mascot, Paddington! The author of the book is letting the Be Homeful Project use his book to help advertise the project.

This book is a way to get the word out about the project because Paddington is a homeless bear. Librarians have been reading this book and informing kids about the Be Homeful Project.
http://www.endhomelessness.org/pages/ten-essentials Lydia at home
http://www.homelesshouston.org/coalition-faq/how-does-this-faq-work/ 2
100 million kids
are homeless word wide
What does Stereotype mean?
A stereotype means something that is "oversimplified"
This is a Stereotype
http://www.national homeless.org/factsheets/why.html
http://www.parl.gc.ca/content/lop/research publications/prb0851-e.htm

Over 100 million people are
homeless in the world
Medical bills
Lack of health insurance
PDSS= Post Tramatic Stress Syndrome- STSS effects veterans
Immigration- may come with nothing
Lack of affordable housing
Paid minimum wage
Domestic violence
Medical bankruptcy
Mental illness
Addiction to substances
Job loss
Runaway teen
No transportation to work
Natural disaster- home is destroyed
To not have a home
Sleeping on the streets
Staying with friends or family
Staying in a hotel / motel
Living in overcrowded conditions
Not having your own clothes/furniture
Not having anywhere safe to keep things that are important to you or/and your family

Homelessness can be Different Things
Homelessness is usually temporary

Homeless people may live in cars, shelters, motels, or other temporary shelters
This is the Reality
Every homeless person lives on the street
Homeless people don't have jobs

Homeless people take advantage of the system

Homeless people are at fault if they're homeless

Nothing can be done about homelessness. Homelessness will never end.
Most homeless people have jobs. They're just paid minimum wage

A small number of homeless people receive government assistance

According to National Coalition to End Homelessness, top 5 reasons are:

1. Lack of affordable housing
2. Paid minimum wage
3. Domestic violence
4. Medical bankruptcy
5. Mental illness

Veterans are actually 50% more likely to become homeless

Preventing people from becoming homeless will help end homelessness. Shelters and charities help homeless people.
There aren't many homeless veterans because they are well taken care of
How the government can help
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