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A Place To Stand Jimmy Santiago Baca

No description

Frida Gutierrez

on 13 May 2015

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Transcript of A Place To Stand Jimmy Santiago Baca

23 April 1977

Summary of Chapter 10
Chapter 10
Chapter 10 Glossary
This video represents Baca's refusal to work at the prison because they denied him the right to an education.
Chapter 10 Theme
perseverance pg 215 ”take care of yourself...I’m fine”
212’ To keep his job should label me as...game”
pg 211 “They graced at me… all of them were blank-eyed”
pg 209 “ In that one jeweled moment I felt I was gone..210..who knows what kind of person..”
207 “The guard racked my cell...shivering from my nerves…”
206” for a second every horrible thing..it will haunt you to your dying breath…”
201”And while I was slowly rebuilding my life...I once did as a kid brother”
200 “Mieyo, like me, had been taught to live a lie...and become a stranger to him”

Jimmy Santiago Baca
A Place To Stand
It seems
prison confines and destroys-
it does, I know, no need to argue the point, just look at these infamous edifices thrashing out,
human beings like bait sardines, but I cannot stand on this.

Chapter 11 Glossary(Continued)
Chapter 11 Summary
Chapter 11 Theme
Power of Literacy
"My writing became the receptacle for my sorrow. I wrote even when I didn't want to, because I knew that, if I didn't, my sorrow would come out in violence. I wasn't able to express my grief. I felt as if my heart was bound like a kidnapped hostage. I silenced its voice, but the more I wrote in my journal, the more I felt deserted by everyone..."(234)
Contraband- Any item in an inmate’s possession which the penal institution does not allow. Page:218
Dungeon – Solitary confinement or De Seg cell where an inmate is kept incarcerated as a disciplinary action for a violation of the institution’s rules.
PINTA: Spanish slang for prison page :223
Cat Walk: Walkway above yard or tier where officers patrol. Officers in the area, as in "catwalk front to back."
TIER REP: A Sureño designated as the leader of all gang members on a specific tier in a housing facility. Page: 228
Chapter 11 Glossary
In this chapter Baca focus more on his writing he pours all his feeling into his journal
At the beginning of the chapter Baca find out that his brother broke up with his fiancé which disturbs him so much
· He started getting letters from Norman who was referred to him by Harry
· Baca was occupied by his writing and reading most of the days
Until one day problem stopped at the front of his cell. Boxer a tall Chicano muscleman wanted to share the cell with Baca. Baca didn't want to share but he let him and after Snake and JJ told him that's going to be for one day and that Boxer was there man
After Baca let Boxer in his cell, the second started to act like he was in his own self complaining about Baca’s daily routines
· Baca was irritated by Boxer behavior and couldn't have him at his cell anymore. He asked Bonafide what to do? Bonafide advise him to take charge of the situation
· The next day Baca attacked Boxer after his refusal to leave the cell. Baca felt empowered and for one moment after betting up Boxer he felt like God ,that he was in charge of taking boxers life but he decided not to do it
· Back in the block Snake and JJ were trying to kill Baca for what he did to their men asking Bonafide and Texas Red to help them do the job finishing Baca ,but they both didn't help.
· As a result of Baca’s act attacking another man he was transferred to the Nut Run with the excuse that he is causing so much trouble he is dangerous and he must be a psycho
· Baca used books reading writing poems to stop him from going insane in nut-run
At the nut run Baca refused to talk to the psychiatrist he also refused to take the medication that was giving to him; they describe it as vitamin.
· At the end Baca’s health went downward. He couldn't move or go out of his but he start hallucinating
· To find out finally after he almost ate his own tongue from hallucination that they were putting medication in his food to make him lethargic, so he would go along with the program.

1) Would you have learned to put up with boxer or choose to fight him too and why?(10)
2) Why trust Elvis?(10)
3) Would you accept the medication because you were told to do so?(10)
4) Do you to feel tattoos can symbolize criminality?(11)
5) What is broken heart to you?(11)
6) Have you tried picturing what a verb or noun is to a person?(11)
7) Would you try to find justice to what his uncle Santiago did to him?(11)
8)Do you think Baca’s violence act in prison was dehumanizing his victims? If you think that his act was characterized as surviving, do you think that the means justify the end?

Last year of Baca's sentence
Prison became overpopulated
Tom becomes his cellmate
Baca receives a letter from his aunt
Boxing match is introduced in which Baca wins
Chelo is introduced in this chapter
Chelo speaks about the heritage in which Baca comes from also
Guard is killed by inmates
Put in indefinite lock down
Father dies in the end of the chapter
"I had a million questions.But as I sat down to start a letter o my father, every memory I had was a sad one:anger, drunkenness,violence..."(219
Theme: Time and Death
I was not. A noun is a person, place, or thing. You are a person. A human being. And you, Flaco. you are a verb, fastest thing on two legs, all action, Brother..."(231)
"As I walked back across the main yard"...(233)
Healing Earthquakes
Through little garden plots I was enchanted by nuns cultured at the orphanage, Through streets torn and twisted
like gnawed bark I lived
1. Woozy :
Mentally unclear or hazy <seems a little woozy, not quite knowing what to say — J. A. Lukacs>affected with dizziness, mild nausea, or weakness
2. Lull
Temporary pause or decline in activity <the early-morning lull in urban noise>: as
a :a temporary calm before or during a storm
b :a temporary drop in business activity
3. Nut Run
It's an expression used to describe the mental institution inside prison
4. Lethargic
Of, relating to, or characterized by laziness or lack of energy :feeling or affected by lethargy :sluggish

LOCK DOWN: To temporarily suspend normal prison operations. Page : 230
Books: Trust fund account, "on the books." All money received by a prisoner is placed into a trust account and may be withdrawn for canteen purchases, special orders, postage, and other expenses. Page :235
Snitch – Inmate to informs prison officials about rule breaking by other inmates for favors. Also known as a squealer or rat. Page:233
Nut Run : asylum in prison page:217
Quetzals : Sacred to ancient Mesoamerican people, gorgeously plumed quetzals live in the mountains of Central America. Page:223

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