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Iroquois Nation

No description

Mollie Ruinsky

on 7 November 2012

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Transcript of Iroquois Nation

The Iroquois Nation What kind of government did the Iroquois have? They had a united country where people where free to do things like fishing or hunting. They also had a great peace law. How did it develop??? Two men called Hiawatha and Dekanawida made a treaty that all five tribes joined together to make the Iroquois nation. The treaty was "We bind ourselves together by taking hold of each other's hands so firmly a circle so strong that if a tree would fall upon it, it could not shake or break it, so that our people and grandchildren shall remain in the circle of security, peace, and happiness." What are some characteristics of the government??? 5 different nations called Seneca, Mohawk, Oneida, Onondaga, and Cayuga. There where 6 nations when the Tuscarora joined. It had a council. They had a government called the league of nations. It was not tribes that joined together but where nations that formed together. Who made the decisions made by the government????? Each nation had a certain number of seats in the council. People were chosen not because they were great warriors, but because they were great speakers. The Onondaga had 13 seats in the council. That was a lot of seats. The league had a written constitution, a set of rights and agreements that all people had to honor. It was written on 114 wampums. Strengths of the government- The early colonists began to design a government to become the USA, and borrowed many ideas from the Iroquois. The government worked for the Iroquois and it worked for the New american government. Both governments are still used today. What are some limitations of the Government? Almost all decisions were unanimous That meant that problems occurred after the council decided to keep it unanimous. After Quiz.... 2. What law did they have? 1. Who two people made an agreement that led to the Iroquois nation? 5.How many seats in the council did the Onondaga have? 6. How many wampums where used to write the Iroquois constitution? 3. What is one good thing of the Iroquois nation? 4. What is one bad thing? Answers: 1. slide 3
2. slide 2
3. slide 6
4. slide 7
5. slide 5
6. slide 4
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