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The Hunger Games

No description

Abby Capannelli

on 15 October 2015

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Transcript of The Hunger Games

Takes train home from Capital
Katniss returns home to District 12 with Peeta
Re-unites with her family and best friend Gale
thinks she will have a peaceful life
- Poor villager
- Lives off the land
- Keeps family alive by hunting everyday
- Her family is her mother and her sister Primrose
- Has a poor friend named Gale, who she hunts with
- She wants to run away with Gale and their families
- She has nothing and can't afford anything
- Katniss is independent
- She is hard to be friends with
- Haymitch helps Katniss with the games
- Katniss and Cinna become very close friends
- Effie helps Katniss with social events
- Peeta tries to become friends with Katniss
In the arena Katniss suffers dehydration
She's stung by a tracker jacker (mutant animal)
Nearly burnt alive
Almost killed multiple times
Has to deal with having to kill/ having killed people
The Hunger Games
Call to Adventure
- Every year they choose tributes for the Hunger Games
- One girl and one boy
- The ages of the tributes to be chosen are 12-18
- Peeta is chosen for the male tribute
- Primrose is originally chosen for the female tribute
- Katniss volunteers in Primrose's place
Status quo
Katniss has volunteered in place of her sister
Says goodbye to family and Gale
She is on a train with Peeta to the Capitol
On their way they meet Haymitch and Effie
Katniss feels mixed emotions such as scared and angry
New Life
Lives in Victors Village
Has enough money to feed and care for family
Known for her and Peeta's victory worldwide
Known for her and Peeta's "Love Story" in the games
Capital loves her for her bravery
Katniss must leave her family to go to the games
Only one tribute can win
Both Katniss And Peeta must stay alive
Peeta is badly injured from a cut on his leg from Cato a boy from district 2
Katniss was nearly killed by Cato as well
Peeta doesn't know plants and almost eats Nightlock berries
Katniss and Peeta trick the gamemaker Seneca Crane
Both of them can live now
Their families get food and a home
They both get live in luxury
Katniss and Peeta win the Hunger Games
They celebrate with the last dinner and interviews of the games
They may now return to there family's and friends in district 12
Three tributes left in the arena
Katniss kills Cato
Her and Peeta are left
Only one tribute can win
Attempts suicide with Nightlock berries
President snow wants to kill her
They win the Hunger games
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