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Copy of Flora And Ulysses Book Report

No description

Sara Vaught

on 25 September 2014

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Transcript of Copy of Flora And Ulysses Book Report

She's a natural born cynic!
He's an unassuming squirrel!
Flora and Ulysses
will conquer villans,defend the defenceless and protect the weak.
Or something.

The book Flora And Ulysses is an awesome book.

This book is about a girl with a pet squirrel with superpowers. They overcome many obstacles and challenges. This book has many twists and turns.

This book is by Kate Dicamillo
The characters are:
: Owner of Ulysses. Daughter of Phyllis Buckman and George Buckman.

Phyllis Buckman
: Floras mother. Squirrel hater. Married to George Buckman.

George Buckman
: Floras father. Married to Phyllis Buckman.

William Spiver
: Flora's neighbor. Tootie's nephew. Says he is blind.

By; Sara Vaught
Flora And Ulysses Book Report
Mr Klaus
: Terrifying cat that belongs to the owner of George Buckman's apartment.

Dr. Meescham
: Doctor of Philosophy and George Buckman's neighbor.

: Floras neighbor. Owner of the vacuum the Ulysses 2000X, that seemed to suck up Ulysses.

Characters Cont.
Protagonist: Flora Buckman
Character Traits: A Natural born cynic. Loves to read Comic books.
Antagonist:Phyllis Buckman
Character Traits: Likes to write romantic novels. Does not care too much about her daughter. Loves a lamp.
Major Conflict: The major conflict is between Flora and her mom. It is a man vs. man conflict that is external. The conflict is that her mom does not like Ulysses but Flora does. They get into arguements with each other because of that conflict.
Major Events
1. When Ulysses gets sucked up into the vaacum. (pg.9)
2. When Flora and Tootie save the squirrel. (pg. 15-16)
3. When Flora and Mr. Buckman go to the donut shop. (pg. 99)
4. When Flora and Mr. Buckman take Ulysses to the doctor.
(pg. 117-121)

Flora and Ulysses
In this book, Flora has to overcome many obsticles thrown her way like her mom and Ulysses.
The theme is to never give up on your beliefs and have perserverance. Ulysses went through a lot of obsticles and she never gave up.

I think this book is an amazing book and I think everyone should read this book. I understand why this book is a Battle of the Books book. This book is a Battle of the Books book.
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