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The Hunger Games: Impressions Lesson

No description

Katherine Rickson

on 27 November 2015

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Transcript of The Hunger Games: Impressions Lesson

'We only behave because we want to get praised or because we are scared of getting punished. If we knew we wouldn't get caught we would act very differently.'
do you agree
or disagree?

Then I hear it. Several pairs of feet breaking into a run. The firestarter must have dozed off. They're on her before she can escape. I know it's a girl now, I can tell by the pleading, the agonized scream that follows. Then there's laughter and congratulations from several voices. Someone cries out, "Twelve down and eleven to go!" which gets a round of gleeful cheers.
So they’re fighting in a pack. I’m not really surprised. Often alliances are formed in the early stages of the Games. The strong band together to hunt down the weak.” p. 192

Reading fiction
L.O: To analyse a fictional text in detail, in preparation for the Unit 1 exam.
What is this a picture of?
What do you think this picture is saying?
How coulD this link to the impression you get of the tributes in the extract?
Can you find any quotes that support this idea?
What impression do we get of the people in this photo?
Make 3 points and back them up with evidence from the photo.
Approaching the text...
1. Read the questions first and highlight key words so you know what you are looking for.
2. Section off the different bits of text so you can clearly focus on the right bit!
3. As we read, highlight any bits you think might help to answer the questions (8-9 quotes in each section, tracking through the entire text).
Q2: What impressions do you get of the Career pack?
You now have 12 minutes to attempt writing up your answer to this question.
You need to:
Show overview
Embed quotations to support your points
Include your own words and evidence
Track from start to end to cover all points
Make 8 or 9 separate points
Spend 12 minutes on the question
Don’t repeat words or points
Write about a side of A4
Success Criteria
Reading Fiction
L.O: To understand how to improve answers to Q2 and to attempt Q1 and Q3.
What do you think this girl is thinking or feeling?
Write 3 things down in your books.
Read my comments for your answer to Question 2.
You must either:
Re-write a section of your answer.
Complete a task or question based on what you wrote for your answer.
You MUST do this in silence.
Common errors:
Not enough points/quotes or repeating points within answer - you need 8-9 SEPARATE points.


Too much explanation - keep points short, sharp and to the point.
Lots of quotes support the SAME point.
E.G: 'hunt', 'pack' all suggest the Careers are animalistic/predators.
How to improve?
Group similar points/quotes together to ensure you don't repeat similar ideas later in your answer.
The words 'hunt' and 'pack' give me the impression that the Careers are animalistic. The word 'hunt' suggests that they are like predators hunting their prey because this is how predators often kill their prey - they stalk them first. Also, the word 'pack' suggest the Careers are hunting together in a group which is what all animals do, again suggesting they are like animals.
Words like 'hunt' and 'pack' gives the impression that the Careers are animalistic and predatory, the collective noun 'pack' suggesting that they are working together to hunt down the 'weak'.
What does Katniss think or feel in these lines?
Success Criteria:
Read and highlight key parts of the question.
Section off (if necessary) and start to annotate the relevant text.
Highlight as you annotate and try to pick out only short phrases.
Aim to include AT LEAST 8/9 quotes/points.
Write one side of A4 for each 10 mark question.
Spend no more than 12 minutes writing up your answer.
Avoid long, over-complicated explanation - this is simply a 'locate and retrieve' type question. Only explain things that are not
What do I mean?
the fire starter is 'stupid' and
angry at her stupidity, as she insultingly calls her 'the biggest idiot in the Games.'
Katniss wakes up feeling confused, asking lots of rhetorical questions such as 'What's going on?' This
she's uncertain of what's happening around her.
What do you learn about Peeta in these lines?
does the writer make us feel towards him?
Success Criteria:
Track through the entire section
Focus on and explain specific words
Sustain your interpretations e.g look at key themes, ideas or motifs
Look at techniques of language and structure
6/7 quotes
12 minutes
Thank goodness, I had the foresight to belt myself in. I've rolled sideways off the fork and I'm facing the ground, held in place by the belt, one hand, and my feet straddling the pack inside my sleeping bag, braced against the trunk. There must have been some rustling when I tipped sideways, but the Careers have been too caught up in their own argument to catch it.

"Go on, then, Lover Boy," says the boy from District 2.

"See for yourself."

I just get a glimpse of Peeta, lit by a torch, heading back to the girl by the fire. His face is swollen with bruises, there's a bloody bandage on one arm, and from the sound of his gait he's limping somewhat. I remember him shaking him his head, telling me not to go into the fight for the supplies, when all along, all along he'd planned to throw himself into the thick of things. Just the opposite of what Haymitch told him to do.

Okay, I can stomach that. Seeing all those supplies was tempting. But this . . . this other thing. This teaming up with the Career wolf pack to hunt down the rest of us. No one from District 12 would think of doing such a thing! Career tributes are overly vicious, arrogant, better fed, but only because they're the Capitol's lapdogs.
Universally, solidly hated by all but those from their own districts. I can imagine the things they're saying about him back home now. And Peeta had the gall to talk to me about disgrace?

Obviously, the noble boy on the rooftop was playing just one more game with me. But this will be his last. I will eagerly watch the night skies for signs of his death, if I don't kill him first myself.

The Career tributes are silent until he gets out of ear shot, then use hushed voices.

"Why don't we just kill him now and get it over with?"

"Let him tag along. What's the harm? And he's handy with that knife."

"Besides, he's our best chance of finding her."

It takes me a moment to register that the "her" they're referring to is me.

The sound of Peeta returning silences them.

"Was she dead?" asks the boy from District 2.

"No. But she is now," says Peeta. Just then, the cannon fires. "Ready to move on?"
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