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The Big Bang Theory


Colton Kimpark

on 16 November 2013

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Transcript of The Big Bang Theory

The Big Bang Theory is a funny, comedy T.V. show
about nerds, scientists, and a manager. There are funny moments and sometimes too romantic parts. If you see this hope you enjoy.
Howard Wolowitz
is a Mechanical Engineer who still lives with his mother and considers himself a "ladies man". He is very fond of belt buckles and women. He usually wears uptight pants. His mother's name is Mrs. Wolowitz and his father's name is still unknown, but Howard's father left he and his mother when he was 11. His best friend is Raj, who he hangs out with a lot. Even though Howard can't get a girlfriend, he will still try his best. But now he and Bernadette are in love with each other.
Sheldon Cooper (Shelly) is a
funny and a crazy nerd. He has a cute twin sister, Missy Cooper, who can attract Raj, Howard, and Leonard. His mom is Mary Cooper and his dad is George Cooper who died at age 50 in 2007. Sheldon has a girlfriend who is Amy Fowler. She is a neurobiologist. Jim Parson is the actor of Sheldon. Sheldon is personally my favorite character.
Penny is a woman who
keeps the guys in touch.
She is an employee in a restaurant. Her father's name is Wyatt, but her mother's name doesn't show. She dates a lot of guys, but the only guy she truly loves is Leonard. She and Leonard have an on and off relationship, but they mostly stay together. Kaley Cuoco is the actress of Penny.
Rajesh Ramayan "Raj" Koothrappali
is a funny Indian guy. He communicates
with his parents on Sheldon's laptop.
Their names are, Dr. and Mrs. V.M.
Koothrappali He and Howard are best
friends forever. Raj despises Indian food
and his Indian culture. He likes to try to
date a lot of random women who he thinks
they're cute. Kunal Nayyar is the actor of Raj.
Leonard is a weird, but a funny physics scientist. His mother's name is Dr. Beverly Hofstadter, but there is not much info about his father. He usually dates random scientists or his friend's sisters. He keeps on dating Penny on and off. Since he stays with Sheldon for many years, he knows more about him than anyone else. The weird thing about Leonard is that when he eats any dairy dairy products, he will fart. Johnny Galecki is the actor of Leonard.
The Big Bang Theory
The End
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