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Week 5 Lesson 3: Japanese schools vs Australian schools

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Liam Brooks

on 6 March 2017

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Transcript of Week 5 Lesson 3: Japanese schools vs Australian schools

Learning intention:
To understand the difference between schooling in Japan and Australia.

Success criteria:
To be able to create a venn diagram of differences in Australian and Japanese schools
be able to articulate why Miki would have such a difficult time initially adjusting to Australia.
1. Go to www.noredink.com.

2. If you have password issues, see the teacher immediately (no sneaky business!)

3. Complete the activity titled
'Building Compound and Complex Sentences'.

4. If you finish early, do any unfinished Noredink activities or practice.

Activity: Venn diagram

1. Working in pairs.

2. Each pair will create a Venn diagram listing similarities and differences between Japanese and Australian schools.

3. Research what education is like in Japan

4. Also write down why Miki would have such a hard time adjusting in Australian schools while she was on exchange.

5. We have 30 minutes.
What are schools like in Japan?
Week 5 Lesson 3: Japanese schools vs Australian schools
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