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Ryan Neil

on 30 April 2014

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Transcript of Tsunamis

how frequntly do tsunamis occur?
Tsunamis do not happen much, but vary. An estimate would be about 1 per 2 years.
How are they formed?
Tsunamis are formed by an undersea earthquake, landslide or volcanic eruption. They all launch a destructive wave, crashing on a continent.
How are tsunamis categorized?
Tsunamis are categorized by a seismograph, a seismic wave detector. The earthquake makes a seismic wave that triggers the seismograph. It was created by Choko a man in China in 136 A.D.
Warning System for tsunamis!
The TWS is how you warn the public of a tsunami. It is in the Pacific Ocean and monitors a seismometer, and issues a warning for the public.
Where do tsunamis occur?
Tsunamis occur usually on the coast of the Pacific Ocean or Indian Ocean. Typically the Indian Ocean's tsunamis are more destructive because they are on a fault line.
Can Scientists Predict Them?
Yes, they can predict tsunamis. When the seismograph goes off (because an earthquake, landslide or volcanic eruption), they know a tsunami will hit the coast in about 20 minutes time.
How do you prepare for a tsunami?
Usually they issue an evacuation or warning so they can brace for impact, by going to high land and putting sandbags up so your house doesn't flood.
Tsunami occurence
2004: In the Indian Ocean, after strong earthquake, a massive Tsunami hits, killing 230,000 people.
2004: An earthquake hits Sumatra at a high 9.0 magnitude, a tsunami crashes down and causes property destruction and death.
1999: Anatolian fault zone caused an earthquake, resulting in a tsunami that destroyed the Bay of Ismar.
round of applause!
Tsunami warning system!
Thx 4 watchin'
A very deadly natural disaster!
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