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Network Infrastructure Technology

Program Introduction

Chris Cuneo

on 19 January 2013

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Transcript of Network Infrastructure Technology

Program Research Program
Innovations Trends Industry
Collaboration Cascadia
Collaboration Infrastructure
Development Networking Infrastructure
Technology Degree Program Building industry relations will provide foundational elements Center of Excellence for IT
Student evaluations
Industry assessments
Business relations Determine if Cascadia’s Network Technology degree prepares students to successfully enter the workforce. Review: The degree title is not clear; they had never heard of a degree title like this before. They supported re-naming the degree’s title.

Increase Employability: Include key terminology within the degree title that focuses on the degree outcomes. Much of the technology being taught is not current.

Job Types: Graduates might be able to secure beginning level positions upon graduation (i.e. help desk, desktop support, hardware technician).

Graduate Recommendations: Students will need some experience in addition to
completing the networking degree. A minimum of six months was recommended. Results Interviewed industry professionals
(Amazon, Avanade, Cisco, Dell, Google, IBM,
Intel, Juniper, Microsoft, and Toshiba) Interviewed Cascadia students Local and out-of-state community college network programs New degree title Revised three exiting courses to encompass the industry Integrated three
certificates Developed a crosswalk plan for students transitioning between programs Created marketing collateral (flyers, promo video) Environmentally sustainable information technology (Green IT)

Virtualization infrastructures

Cloud computing

Data center convergence technologies

Mobile P2P communications The program is designed to introduce new trends and teach the latest technologies in the industry Key Topics This knowledge will help me to reach a wider student audience by developing a network that will provide an environment for hybrid and online courses with maximizing interactivity. The Goal Program Review New program means new network
Cutting-edge technologies
College-wide data services NG-IT Club Microsoft Server 2008 R2 and supporting Windows 7 client environments with virtualization networks. I received valuable knowledge for developing Cascadia’s network program, validating current IT industry needs, and the requirements to deploy such a course. Worked with Avanade instructors, infrastructure architects and equipment engineers to design an infrastructure utilizing virtualization to stand up a virtual environment which I will utilize in the design of the NIT program. Focus Benefits Infrastructure Overview Avanade in Seattle Washington provides technical training for industry professionals. The client for this project was Intel in Oregon. Math Department Web Foundations Team Student projects ETSP program Server Administration

Network Infrastructures

Implementing Directory Services SQL Server Infrastructure . Exchange Server Technology Specialist System Center Service Manager

Virtualization Technologies

Integrating Network Infrastructures Added nine
innovative courses BIT 100 - Introduction to Information Technology
BIT 101 - Desktop Support Technician
BIT 102 - Networking Fundamentals “Networking Infrastructure Technology” Discipline Focus Method Network Technology Networking Infrastructure Technology Building tomorrow's workforce Training today's students Networking Infrastructure Technology Degree Program SharePoint Server Technology Specialist Outcome
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