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First Shot

No description

Jean Sienkowski

on 7 November 2013

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Transcript of First Shot

He goes to this fancy school and his mean dad runs it. All he can do that is good is shoot guns. When his evil dad doesn't let him be on the rifle team he is really mad because all he is, is the alternate. Will he get on the team?
The Arsenal-A fancy,well kept school that if your late for anything you do 50-100 pushups and then take a cold shower and if your late for lunch or dinner, you don't eat.
Main Characters
David Crandall- The alternate shooter and son of the dean of administration.
Garrett Rothenberg-The evil nerd.
Misty Cleary-The girl that took David's spot on the rifle team.
Final Thoughts
Do you think David will take the first shot?Will he make friends with Misty? Will he beat Garrett? Will he go all the way?!? To find out read First Shot.
First Shot by Anthony Powell

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