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Photographs & Content Management Systems

An exploration of Content Management Systems: Contentdm and Cuadra STAR in relation to archival photograph collections. With a brief look of the systems in use at The Vietnam Center and Archives and The Iowa Heritage Digital Collection.

Heather Stone

on 10 May 2011

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Transcript of Photographs & Content Management Systems

"Supports a number of common data standards and a variety of data types and has a several options for data import and export including":
Dublin and VRA Cores
Null data types
Audio, video & streaming media
Metadata harvesting Cuadra Star
Offeres a comprehensive suite of customizable, task-oriented knowledge management solutions.
Collection Management
Library Automation
Knowledge Management
Media Management
Records Management
Vocabulary Control
-www.cuadra.com/products/products.html "Managing Your World of Inforamtion"
-www.cuadrastar.com Media Management "...ready-to-use application for the management of all kinds of visual collections, including traditional and digitized photographs, audio, film and film strips, CDs, DVDs, and slide collections...provides precise web-based access to the image descriptions and links to the associated images, for which thumbnails can be displayed in multiple resolutions, with dates and date ranges for both the image or photograph and the object of the image."
-www.cuadra.com/products/media.html Modules/Expansions Available Content Management Systems &
Photograph Collection Cuadra STAR
The Vietnam Center and Archive
The Iowa Heritage Digital Collection "STAR/Images for managing collections of photographs and related media in both digital and non-electronic formats."
-Lake, David et al. Market Survey of commercially Available Off-the-Shelf Archival Management Software. International Council on Archives, Studies, no.12, January 2003. Technical Specifications Photograph VA002284, 1969, Doglas Pike Photograph Collection, The Vietnam Archive, Texas Tech University. Supports a wide variety of platforms. Runs under both the Microsoft NT & Microsoft Windows 2000 families operationg systems. Also runs under UNIX, HP-UX, IBM AIX, Linux, SCO OpenServer, & Sun Solaris OS.
--Lake, David et al. Market Survey of commercially Available Off-the-Shelf Archival Management Software. International Council on Archives, Studies, no.12, January 2003. Import/Export Data Formats Supported "Has filters for converting data from other formats into a STAR-loadable format,
and provides for the export of data into CHIN, MARC, and other formats." CONTENT dm "Digital Collection Management Software"
by OCLC "Makes everything in your digital collections available to everyone, everywhere. No matter the format — local history archives, newspapers, books, maps, slide libraries or audio/video — CONTENTdm can handle the storage, management and delivery of your collections to users across the Web."
-http://contentdm.org/ Complex media management "Handles audio, video, PDFs, EAD Finding Aids, image files and more. Streaming media server support provides efficient delivery of streamed items."
building.htm Image rights "Provide flexible options for identifying ownership of items in your collections. Options include an easily configured band of color and text, a color brand or a grayscale watermark." Can be customized to meet your institutions needs.
ctionbuilding.htm -http://www.oclc.org/contentdm/overview/colle
ctionbuilding.htm Technical Specifications End User experience "The end-user interface makes your digital collections easy to find, easy to use and easy to share. A dynamic end-user interface offers an intuitive discovery experience, making it easy for users to find your digital items and stay focused on their research. The result of extensive usability testing, the CONTENTdm end-user interface includes:

* A viewer for zooming and panning, and viewing images full-browser,
* The ability to share digital items (e-mail, bookmark, Facebook, Twitter, Flickr and many more), and
* Features that support discoverability such as QuickView, image carousels and RSS feeds."

htm The Vietnam Center and Archive Texas Tech University Photograph VA 000415, February, Douglas Pike Photograph Collection, The Vietnam Archive, Texas Tech Univeristy. "The Vietnam Archive at Texas Tech University was founded in 1989 in Lubbock, Texas, with the goal of collecting and preserving the history of American involvement in Southeast Asia during the Vietnam War."
Uses Cuadra STAR to manage their online
archival photograph collection. In an effort to make the collections more accessible, the Archive purchased STAR to create a web version of the archive, called the Virtual Vietnam Archive. Photograph VA000916, no date, Douglas Pike Photograph Collection, The Vietnam Archive,
Texas Tech University. Slide VAS040189, December 1971, John J. (Jeff) Ellis Collection, The Vietnam Archive, Texas Tech University. "1,200 collections that contain documents, diaries,
letters, newspapers, photographs, slides, maps,
periodicals, films, audio and video..."
-http://www.cuadra.com/clients/vietarch.html The Iowa Heritage Digital Collection Mission:
"The Iowa Heritage Digital Collections (IHDC) is a free, online repository of Iowa history and culture maintained by the State Library created by bringing together in digital form documents, images, maps, finding aids, interpretive and educational materials, and other media from collections held by a wide range of organizations throughout Iowa to enhance access to and preserve long–term accessibility of these valuable materials."

-http://www.iowaheritage.org/abtihdc/deposit2 Goals :

* To maintain an open, publicly accessible, virtual collection relating to Iowa history and culture.
* To identify ongoing and planned digitization projects relating to Iowa’s cultural heritage.
* To provide the technical infrastructure for the persistence and sustainability of electronic collections.
* To provide training and other resources necessary to enable organizations to participate in the initiative.
* To encourage preservation of original materials selected for electronic distribution.

-http://www.iowaheritage.org/abtihdc/deposit2 Participating Institutions:

The African American Historical Museum and Cultural Center of Iowa, Cedar Rapids, Iowa
Amana Heritage Society, Amana, Iowa
Coe College, Stewart Memorial Library, Cedar Rapids, Iowa
Des Moines University, Des Moines, Iowa
Drake University, Des Moines, Iowa
Four Mounds Foundation, Dubuque, Iowa
Grinnell Public Library, Grinnell, Iowa
Iowa City Genealogical Society & The Iowa City Host Noon Lions Club, Iowa City, Iowa
Iowa State University Libraries, Ames, Iowa
Mason City Public Library, Mason City, Iowa
The National Czech & Slovak Museum & Library, Cedar Rapids, Iowa
St. Ambrose University, Davenport, Iowa
State Historical Society of Iowa, Des Moines, Iowa
State Library of Iowa, Des Moines, Iowa
University of Iowa Libraries, Iowa City, Iowa
University of Northern Iowa Libraries, Cedar Falls, Iowa

-http://www.iowaheritage.org/abtihdc/partinst Title:"Billy Robinson with Canadian school children and biplane," Billy Robinson Collection, Collection 25, Box 2, Grinnell Public Library Archives. Uses CONTENT dm as a management
system for their arhchival photograph
collections. International Fiesta Parade, Bettendorf, Iowa, 1969;
Mujeres Latinas Digital Collection.
http://digital.lib.uiowa.edu/u?/latinas,299 Female students courtseying in fancy dresses, Iowa
City, Iowa, between 1924 and 1928 ; African American Women in Iowa Collection,http://digital.lib.uiowa.edu/u?/aawiowa,720 Metadata is based on Dublin Core Preservation of materials Allow digital materials to be available to users.
Service is NOT intended to be a repository.
Meant to assist with Outreach
Promote Collections
Host collection on institution site or Heritage.
Not meant for long-term preservation. Heather Stone
Technology Issues in Archives: L&I SCI 891
Indiana University/University of Wisconsin Milwaukee
Spring 2011 "Anyone within the State can participate provided they have a relevent collection...the foundation (IOWA Heritage) will help the organization instal CONTENT dm." Organizations responsibility to selecet materials, scan, upload, metadata etc.

-http://www.iowaheritage.org/deposit/FAC BIBLIOGRAPHY Cuadra STAR. “STAR Products.” http://www.cuadra.com/products/products.html
(accessed March 24, 2011).

Cuadra STAR. “STAR sites on the internet: The Vietnam Archive.”
http://www.cuadra.com/clients/vietarch.html (accessed April 20, 2011).

Grinnell Historical Collection “Billy Robinson Collection.”
http://ddr.lib.drake.edu/cdm4/browse.php?CISOROOT=/grin1 (accessed April 18, 2011).

Iowa Heritage. “Frequently Asked Questions.” Iowa Heritage Digital Collection.
http://www.iowaheritage.org/deposit/FAC (accessed April 15,2011).

Iowa Heritage. “Iowa Heritage Digital Collection.” http://www.iowaheritage.org/ (accessed April
15, 2011).

Iowa Heritage. “Welcome to the Iowa Heritage Digital Collection.”
“http://www.iowaheritage.org/abtihdc/deposit2 (accessed April 15, 2011).

Lake, David et al. Market Survey of commercially Available Off-the-Shelf Archival Management Software. International Council on Archives, Studies, no.12, January 2003.

OCLC. “Collection building and management.”
http://www.oclc.org/contentdm/overview/collectionbuilding.htm (accessed April 15,

OCLC. “CONTENT dm: Digital Collection Management Software.”
http://contentdm.org (accessed March 24, 2011).

OCLC. “End user experience.” http://www.oclc.org/contentdm/overview/endusers.htm
(accessed April 25, 2011).

The Vietnam Center and Archive. “Homepage.” http://www.vietnam.ttu.edu/
(accessed April 25, 2011).

University of Iowa Libraries. “African American Women in Iowa Collection.”
http://digital.lib.uiowa.edu/aawiowa/index.php (accessed April 15, 2011).

University of Iowa Libraries. “The Mujeres Latinas Digital Collection.”
http://digital.lib.uiowa.edu/latinas/index.php (accessed April 20, 2011).

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