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Clash of Clans Prezi

I'm gonna make a prezi about Clash of Clans!

David Yin

on 27 January 2015

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Transcript of Clash of Clans Prezi

Hello everyone, today I'm gonna make a prezi about Clash Of Clans!
About Clash of clans
Clash of clans is a very fun game that's about build a base and defend from your enemy or attack/revenge you're enemy. Very impressive game!
Clash of Clans trailer
Clash of Clans Facts
Created by Supercell
Available for both i.O.S. and android devices
10 percent of the YouTube videos are about Clash of Clans!
23th game in the App Store
extreme strategy
A lots of units and defense buildings are available
Town Hall
The HQ of the base.IF it's destroyed,you loose your defense, but you can also farm with it...
here's a farming base
Here's a farming base
How's that? Pretty good huh? keep watching!
You can listen the song while looking at pictures
Listen to the music, don't forget to leave a "like" on it !
Base Strategy
In order to win a defense battle, protect the Town Hall because that's the heart of you're base. For maximum protection, put it in the middle of the base and protect it with walls, traps, defensive buildings, etc. If the enemy did not destroy the Town Hall, they can only get one star, so keep it very safe unless you want to farm for resources like the last video shows. This game is very fun, if you want to be a strong player, keep the pressure on! hope you keep playing this game! Proceed...
Thanks for watching my prezi!
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on it!
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