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'13 하반기 사업계획

No description

소지 김

on 25 September 2014

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Transcript of '13 하반기 사업계획

'13 second half year project
Main project of industrial electronic division
1. LED

2. PSD

3. Rail telecommunication system

4. Mobile communication Network Service
Railroad telecommunication system
mobile communication network service
Business contents
Join the project of changing streetlamps plan, which is promoted by JKR.

Install streetlamps of Putrajaya main center

Join the construction project of LRT/MRT

Change lamps of the Petronas petrol station

Promotion plan
Malaysia government is actively promoting the introduction of LED lamp.

Under the support from Malaysia government, POSCO LED is promoting LED lamp contract through a joint with KPBNB

Business contents
Installation platform screen door
to the local train station or subway station.
Promotion plan
Made MOU with DOM industries Sdn Bhd.

planning to join a tender of PSD installation in MRT and LRT after 2 months.

Business contents
Malaysia railroad project is going to
place an order from end of this year.

Make a consortium with Motorora
and POSCO ICT to join this project.

Promotion plan
At early stage.

Find a local company which has strong network with government and experience a lot of construction.

Business contents
PP Group, which is going to undertake mobile communication business with cooperation of powerful politician proposed to our company.

discussing about the type of mobile communication network service

Promotion plan
At early stage.

continuous consultation with head office
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