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ED F 315 Project: Prezi

Hillsong United

Jeremy Bigham

on 15 April 2010

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Transcript of ED F 315 Project: Prezi

Hillsong UNITED The youth group at Hillsong Church. Located in Sydney, Australia and London and Kiev and Cape Town and Stockholm and Paris and Moscow and New York Every city might have a different name
for the youth program. But together, they are all UNITED. At the center of the youth program is the praise band,
also known as Hillsong UNITED. The band has recorded nine live albums. One a year at their annual youth conference Not to mention one studio recorded album. And two EP's A few years ago, the band had an idea. Why did it seem that people were only concentrated on helping others within the four walls of the church? So they trekked around the globe doing concerts, worshipping God, and helping the impoverished and needy around world. They called it the
I Heart Revolution. It consisted of three parts: 1) A CD/DVD of Live Performances
at the places they visited to spark interest
in the campaign. 2) A feature film documentary to show
how they helped people on their journey;
leading by example 3) A website to allow people
around the world to become
involved in the effort.
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