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The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time

No description

on 8 May 2014

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Transcript of The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time

The main conflict of the book is
who killed Wellington

We then get into more complicated conflicts as the book goes on. Such as the
relationship between Christopher and his father
what has happened to Christopher's mother
Time: Takes place in the year 1998

Place:The novel is set in Swindon, England, and for a period in London.
by: Mark Haddon
The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time
Internal Conflict
Christopher Boone:
He is
year old, boy who suffers from
Asperger's syndrome

When Christopher is scared in a public place he
covers his ears and screams/groans

does not understand human emotions
, but in reality he is
very logically smart

He is also good at math, and wants to take A-level exams in math.

Christopher is brilliant, sweet and

Wellington (Dog):
Wellington is very nice black poodle.
Mrs. Shears is Wellington's owner

is killed
by Christopher's father with a garden fork.
Ed Boone :
He is Christopher's

He is
verbally aggressive
and deceitful.

He also
to Christopher about Judy, Christopher's mother.

Judy Boone:
, who Ed told Christopher died two years ago when she actually moved to London with her lover, Roger Shears.

The character of the mother is described as if
she had been afraid when he discovered the suffering of Christopher
: an insecure woman with no confidence in their ability to care for Christopher.

at the end
of the novel, the character is
shown capable of making decisions
about her son and herself.
Mr. Shears and Mrs. Shears:
Basically, they're both kind of (or very) mean to Christopher. They seem to take out their issues on this poor kid.
She is Christopher's
and also a friend, at school.

Siobhan can really
Christopher, even better than his father.

She is very nice to Christopher and
him understand human emotions.

She invites Chris to write the book about the dog incident.

main Characters
Toby (Rat):

The creator of Sherlock Holmes
Sir Arthur Conan Doyle
The internal conflict of this story is Christopher
having to cope with his social disabilities
. He isn't able to communicate with other people very well, and he has a hard time understanding how other people feel.
Cultural references
Toby is Christopher's
rat that he takes everywhere with him besides school.

Christopher also takes Toby to his mother's house in London.

Sherlock Holmes
Famous detective character created by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, Christopher's role model.

Doctor Watson
Companion to Sherlock Holmes and narrator of his stories.

Hound, James Mortimer's spaniel
Dogs that die in the Sherlock Holmes story The Hound of the Baskervilles.
Haddon was born on 26 September 1962 in Northampton, England. He studied English.

After college, he was employed in several different occupations. One included
working with people with disabilities
, and another included creating illustrations and cartoons for magazines and newspapers.

He lived in Boston, Massachusetts, US, for a year with his wife until they moved back to England.
Haddon is a
and enjoys vegetarian cookery. He describes himself as a 'hard-line

Haddon resides in Oxford with his wife Dr. Sos Eltis and their two young sons.
Mark haddon
Mark haddon
Mark haddon
His challenges with communication cause
people to avoid or ignore him
when he tries to explain things, so it's
difficult for him to express and explain
what he wants to say, so he's normally stuck with having to do things
In 1987, Haddon wrote his first children’s book, Gilbert’s Gobstopper. This was followed by many other
children’s books
, which were often self-illustrated.

Haddon is also known for his series
Children's BBC sitcom

In 2003, Haddon won the
Whitbread Book of the Year Award for The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time

The story starts with Christopher Boones finding the dog with a pitchfork through it.

He proposed to investigate the crime like S.Holmes.

Chris's life has completely changed but the boy, helped by their parents and their teacher, achieved, again,
facing their personal challenges and get ahead

In Swidon, Christopher installs with his mother, his math test is approved Level A and new goals are set for the future.

Toby dies but ...
Christopher finds letters from his mother. He finds out that
his mother is alive
and also in a relationship with Mr. Shears.

Chris, who is scared of father, is compelled to
leave his village
in order to meet his mother in London.

During his trip to find his mother, Christopher shows
the ability to overcome his condition and be independent
My opinion

In Reality and Fiction, there is not a bad ending if you have a really good friend
have enjoyed
this novel quite a lot, mainly because the author not only provides entertainment but he is doing
He gives us the opportunity to expand our vision of the world showing those parts of usually hidden.

Besides, I agree with the author's perspective shown on the
value of diversity
, the necessary
respect among people
, the
power of love
and, of course, the
importance of education
to solve personal and collective conflicts.

Actually, I think it is an interesting mystery novel. The story is so engaging that keeps the reader with curiosity and attention till the very end. In my opinion, using a very effective and simple style, that sometimes reminds the journalistic style bring us closer to the action - the character's daily facts.

In conclusion, I'm sure this novel has helped to spread the problems faced by people with
Asperger Syndrome
among the general public, and as a result, that they may have become
better known
by society. Definitely, I consider that this novel should be
reading for people of all ages.

Mª José Pulido Pérez
50 breaths
Asperger's syndrome is a type of
isorder (
), that involve delays in the development of many basic skills, most notably the ability to
with others, to
, and to
use imagination
Hans Asperger described the disorder in 1944
• Problems with social skills
• Eccentric or repetitive behaviors
• Unusual preoccupations or rituals
• Communication difficulties
• Limited range of interests
• Coordination problems
• Skilled or talented

What causes Asperger’s Syndrome?

How common is Aspereger’s Syndrome?
How is Asperger's Syndrome Treated?
• Special education
• Behavior modification
• Speech, physical, or occupational therapy
• Social skills therapies
• Medication
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