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Where the Red Fern Grows Prezi Project

This is my Where the Red Fern Grows end of the book reading project. I hope this doesn't bore you to much.

Emily Osborne

on 10 May 2010

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Transcript of Where the Red Fern Grows Prezi Project

Billy Colman Phisical description Billy has hair the color of straw thatis long and his eyes are brown. The author describes Billy as very musculer with tanned skin. His feet are also quite tough because he only wears shoes in the winter. Personality By Wilson Rawls Characters Billy Colman \ Billy has straw blonde hair and brown eyes. He is very muscular and his skin is very tan. His feet are very rough because he doesn't wear shoes in the summer. Personality Billy is a hard worker and is very determined. For example when he found out that he could get two hounds for fifty dollars he saved up the money, and it took him about two years to do so.
Billy is very respectful and listens to his parents and anyone else he respects. He is also very thoughtful of others, he always tries to make his sisters happy and tries not to worry his mother too much. Billy also gets attached to people and things and is very sad when they leave.
Little Ann Phisycal Descrition Little Ann is a very small Redbone hound, in fact the only thing that shows the she is a hound is her long ears. She has dark red colored fur and warm gray eyes.
Perosnality Little Ann or Old Dan Little Ann is sweet and very playful for a hound. She is also extremely smart. She won't stop hunting until she finds the raccoon she is chasing. Little Ann is also very gentle around people and shares a very close bond with Old Dan. Old Dan Physical Descrition Old Dan is larger than Little Ann but still smaller than most Renbone coonhounds . He is a deep red and and many scars from battles with coons. He looks goofy at some times but regal at others. Personality Old Dan is impulsive and impatient, unlike Little Ann. He always attacks the raccoon first and sometimes he is so eager to find the raccoon he loses it's trail. Old Dan doesn't like other dogs except for Little Ann. 10 Unique and Unusual Words
1. Unfortunate 2. Coaxing 3. Caressed 4. Sorrowful 6. Persistence 5. haggard 7. Confidence 8. Immediately 9. Dangerous 10. Dumbfounded Problems Physical Descrption Early on in the book a little while after Billy got his puppies he decides he need a coons skin to train his dogs with. He tried catching a coon with his three traps that his father bought for him but the coons were to smart. For almost three weeks Billy tries this, using every trick he knows but he just can't catch one. In an act of desperation he goes to his grandfather and tells his story. Billy's grandfather agrees with him and tells Billy how he can catch one. Billy tried Grandfathers way a which was sticking nails into a hollow of a log and putting something shiny in the bottom of the log. Billy did this to about ten logs and came back the next day looking for coons. There were none. Disappointed he came back and told his father. He said the coons probably still smelled Billy er Band to wait a few days. Billy did just this and their was still no coon, this whet one for a few more weeks until finally, after Billy had given up almost all hope he caught a coon. On the first night Billy goes hunting with his dogs they catch a trail. They chase the coon all the way to the largest tree in the woods by Billy's home. Billy promised his dogs he would not let the coon escape. Unfortunately Billy doesn't know how he'll get the coon out of the tree. He can't climb it so he decides to cut the tree down. It takes him about three days to cut it down but he finally does and quickly after that the coon is caught and killed. Near the end of the book Billy, his grandfather, father, and a judge are hunting for coons on the final night of the coon hunting competition. While they are hunting a storm starts to brew. First the wind picks up, then it starts to sleet. Soon after the sleet comes Old Dan and Little Ann start bawling, to tell Billy they found a trail. The storm got even worse and soon enough Billy couldn't hear his dogs. Everybody, besides Billy, was talking of going back, but Billy couldn't leave his dogs and Billy's father couldn't leave Billy. Grandpa and the Judge didn't want to be left behind so they went with them. While trying to follow the dogs the Little Ann finds them and leads them to Old Dan.
The moon guides their way with light
As they race towards their prey below the starry night

After they tree the sly little mite
They will kill their prey in a single bite

With the Ozark moon in full height
They howl victoriously with all their might

A poem In My Opinion... Where The Red Fern Grows Overall I enjoyed this book. It had a action, love (the love between Billy and his dogs count!), suspense, and death. These are important things that should be in a story. Wilson Rawls really describes everything in great detail, which I really like. I also got to read about the bond between Billy and his dogs. I felt as though I was as close to the dogs as Billy was. The story is
slow at first, with little adventures here and there. But at the very end it become very exciting which is a nice contrast to the beginning of the story. Even though the ending was sad I thought it was well written. I understand why the author did this and thank him for no making this book too predictable.
I would recommend this book to a friend because it has action, love, suspense, and death. I think many of my friends would enjoy this book because of the bond between Billy and his dogs and all the adventures they have. Most Exciting Part of the Story Beginning Middle End The AND OF Billy Colman is leaving his office one spring day feeling good when he hears a dog fight, at first he just ignores it but as he nears it he finds out that a group of dogs are fighting one dog, a Redbone hound. This changes everything. Billy shoos the other dogs away and calls out to the hound, whose name is Buddie. At first Buddie is vicious but slowly he realizes Billy is trying to help him follows him back to Billy's house. There Billy nurses him back to health and then opens the gate in his backyard, Buddie walks away looking for something the Billy would never know about. As Billy goes to rest in his favorite rocking chair he begins to remember his two Redbone coon hounds.
It starts when Billy is 10 years old, he wanted two dogs, coon hounds. But that was a problem, Billy's father was a farmer who just managed to get by so he couldn't afford to hounds. Crushed, Billy went into a depression like state. Food didn't even taste good to him. Worried, Billy's father buys him three metal traps. This occupies Billy for a little bit but not for long. He almost went back to the depression like state until his father said he could help him on the farm. But Billy still wanted two coon hounds and one day he found out how he would get one. Fishermen would make a camp by the river near Billy's house and after they left Billy would alway scavenge around the camp. When he was scavenging he found sportsman magazine that had and ad for dogs for sale on the back. The thing that caught Billy's eye was the ad for Redbone coon hounds. The each cost 25$ so if he wanted two he would need to save up 50$.
Billy does save up 50$ in course of two years. He then tells his grandfather and asks him to send a letter to the kennel. Grandpa does this and soon it's all organized. Billy will ride up with a farmer into the town of Tahlequah to get the pups. But Billy couldn't wait knowing that his pups were there so he left by himself, to walk into town. When Billy gets into town people gawk at him but he dosn't care, he's getting his pups. Once he has his puppies, a boy and a girl, he heads back to his house a days journey. On the way back he names his pups. The girl, who is small but smart is called Little Ann, and the boy is is larger and stronger is named Old Dan.
Now that Billy had his puppies he had to get the coon skin to train them with. The poses somewhat of a challenge but Billy gets a coon skin and soon he is training his puppies every trick a coon will play on them and finally his puppies, now dogs are ready to go coon hunting. Emily Rules! After Billy catches his first coon he goes out every night he can to catch coons. He would always have the side of his smoke house covered in coon skins. Billy would go down to his Grandfathers store on Saturday (the day all the coon hunter went on Saturday) and listen and tell stories of crazy coon chases. Life was good but there always were little bumps in the road.
One night after a blizzard Billy decided to go hunting, the river had ice on it but it wasn't thick enough to hold up a dog. The coon Little Ann and Old Dan were chasing knew this and ran into the river. The ice cracked under Little Ann and she fell in the river and couldn't get out. When Billy tried to go out on the ice it cracked under him and he had to jump back. Billy thought Little Ann was going to die he didn't know what he was going to do. But then he realized that he could take the hook of his lantern attached to a pole he could fish Little Ann out. He took of his clothes and started to wade into the icy water until it up to his chin. Then he started to try to hook the edge of the pole on to Little Ann's collar so he could pull her out. After a long time he got her out of the water and on to the safety of land.
Billy Had become well known for his coon hunting and one day when Billy was at his grandfathers general store when the Pritchard, Rainie (the younger one) and Rubin(the older one, also the leader), boys come to buy tabaco. While they are there they make a bet with Billy about a coon nicknamed the "Ghost Coon" who always disappears before a dog can catch him. If Billy's dogs can catch the coon he'll get two dollars.
The next night the boys met up and begin hunting for the coon, after a little while Little Ann and Old Dan strike his trail. They lost the trail when the coon crossed the river but quickly found it again. Then began a long chase until finally Old Dan bawled treed, but Little Ann hadn't. She crawled up on the log and was now coming down, for another half an hour they searched until finally Little Ann caught scent of the Ghost Coon. They chased him until finally the lost his trail when he climbed a tree. Billy climbed the tree but could't find it. The dogs kept searching but couldn't find the coon. Billy said he would climb the tree one more time and if the coon wasn't there he would give him the two dollars. Billy climbed the tree and didn't find the coon, coming down Billy gave Rubin the two dollars. Suddenly the wind picked up and Little caught scent of the Ghost Coon. He was in the hollow of a fence post. Billy managed to prod him out and soon he was on the ground wrestling with the dogs. He managed to make his way up the tree. Billy climbed up after him, he was about to chase him out of the tree but decided against it. He didn't want to kill the coon. When he told Rubin this he said he would run up the tree and do it. Just as he was about to Old Dan growled, out of the darkness came Old Blue, the Pritchards hound. Old Dan and Old Blue started to fight. Old Blue was beating Old Dan when Little Ann joined the fight and together they started to kill Old Blue. Rubin took Billy's ax and started to run towards the fighting trio threatening to kill Little Ann and Old Dan when he tripped. Billy raced towards the dogs and prie his dogs off and tied them to the old fence. Then, he look over at Rainie who staring in shock at Rubin who lay curled up on the ground. Billy went over to see what was wrong. Rubin was dead After Rubin's death Billy is sad, but when his grandfather tells him about a championship coon hunt he entered Billy in he becomes happy once more. His grandfather tells him it is soon and that he should start packing. Billy also asks his father to come and he says yes. So a few days later Billy, his father, his grandfather head off to where the championship hunt is being held. When Billy arrives at the campgrounds he is shocked and nervous to see all the coon hunters there. As Billy explores camp he become nervous seeing all the hounds. But when he gets back his Grandpa gives him something else to worry about. He tells Billy about a dog beauty contest, asking which dog he'll pick. Billy tells Grandpa he'll sleep on it. The next morning he decides to pick Little Ann because Old Dan had so many scars from fighting coons. To Billy's luck Little Ann wins the contest. There are fours nights of hunting for the the first round of hunting. Billy is picked to go on the fourth. When the night comes Billy, his grandfather, the judge, and the dogs drive a little at out of the ways to find a good hunting spot. Billy needs to catch three coons to go on to the finals. Billy catches two coons easily but he barley manages to get the third one. Billy makes it to the championships and again, drives away from the camp for better hunting. Quickly the dogs catch the sent of a coon and tree it. Billy's father fires the gun and the coon leaps out and runs to the water. He makes it in and the dogs go in after. There is a long, suspenseful fight. The dogs win and the coon is skinned and killed. They keep walking and Billy's father notices dark, fast moving clouds in the sky. The wind picks up and then the dogs catch a trail. Soon after it starts to sleet heavily and Billy can no longer hear his dogs bawling. Everybody except for Billy wants to go back. Billy's father can't leave Billy behind and the judge and Grandpa can't leave them behind so they all keep looking. As the storm gets stronger Billy worries he won't be able to find his dogs when Little Ann appears. She guides them to where Old Dan is. He had stayed by the tree where I coon hid. The Judge and Billy' father realize the Grandpa is missing and go back looking for him. Little Ann finds him. When they arrive they find him face down in the snow. They carry him back to where Old Dan was because it wasn't very windy so they can build a fire. Grandpa's ankle is badly twisted but no one can go back for help because of the storm. Instead the just make a very strong fire. Then they go back to the tree and to get the coon. It turns out the tree is hollow and there is a whole family of coons in there. Old Dan fight one while Little Ann fight another. Only one got away. The other two were killed and skinned. When Billy points to where the other coon went his dogs take of after it. Billy begins to panic worried his dogs will freeze to death. But is forced to stay where he is because of the storm.
When the storm finally blows itself out a group of men who were searching for them found them and Billy's dogs. Grandpa is carried away while Billy rushes to his dogs who are almost frozen but have managed to stay warm. They built a large fire and thawed the dogs out. After that Billy catches and kills the coon. Once back in the camp Billy is awarded the Gold Cup and grandpa is sent to a doctors office in Tahlequah. After things had settled down, Billy took up his regular hunting schedule. One night Billy goes hunting a little farther than his house than usual. After awhile his dogs struck a trail, and it didn't take long for Billy to realize it wasn't a coon. At first he thought it was bobcat but when the dogs finally treed it Billy saw that it was a mountain lion. Then Old Dan let out a bawl that was different than all the ones that Billy had heard before. Old Dans bawl echoed, it was loud and clear. The vibrations of his howl rang through the mountains. Than the mountain lion jumped and the fight begun. It was a gruesome fight and Billy had to use his ax to try and kill the mountain lion. Eventually Billy kills the mountain lion by digging his ax into he lions spine. Billy had to pry Old Dans and Little Ann from the lions body. Little Ann wasn't hurt that bad but Old Dan was. He died that night and Billy buried him the next morning. When Old Dan died Little Ann lost the will to live. She spent her last bit of strength pulling herself onto Old Dan's grave. The next year Billy and his family are moving into town and before they leave Billy visits his dogs grave one last time. To his surprise a red fern was growing there. There was an old Indian legend that says where a red fern grows the land is sacred.
The most exciting part of the book is when Billy and his dog make it to the final round in the coon hunting championship. This is exciting because it it is non stop action and suspense unlike the other adventures which were not as exciting. From when the storm picks up to when Billy wins the gold cup was I on my toes.

When the storm picked up and they couldn't find the dogs. When they found the dogs and couldn't find Grandpa. When three coons were found in a hollow tree and when the dogs chased after the last coon. I was so tense until finally I found out what happened. This was defiantly the most exciting part of the story. 5 things you didn't know about Wilno Rawls Woodrow Wilson Rawls was born in Scraper, Oklahoma in 1913. Before Wilson was to get married in 1958, he burned all of his work. His father was teaching him to be a carpenter. He grew up on a farm in the Ozark Mountains. Early in hislife Wilson was not interested in writing or reading beacue his grandmother always ordered books like "Little Red Riding Hood"
Setting This book takes place in the woods and on a farm in the Ozark mountains of Oklahoma. Billy's house is right by forest near a large river. By Billy's house is a small town, if can be called that. It has one general store which his grandfather owns. PREZIE BY: EMILY NANNEMAN
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