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Shipwreck At the Bottom of the World

No description

Bentley Senger

on 16 January 2014

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Transcript of Shipwreck At the Bottom of the World

Important characters
Some important characters are Henry Shackleton,Frank Wild and Frank Worsley.

Some important settings are Great Britain, Antarctica and South Georgia Island.
Important Conflicts
Many important conflicts involve: getting trapped in the ice,the Endurance falling over, and having to walk a long way to a abandon ship across Antarctica.
They're are many important events in shipwrecked involving getting in a boat and going across the ocean making it to Elephant island,and being rescued from the expedition.
all thee conflicts and setting have led up to this. The end of my project. I hope you enjoyed it goodbye!
Shipwreck At the Bottom of the World Highlights
Shipwrecked At The Bottom of the World has a lot of important events, settings,conflicts and characters. I'm going to tell you about them.
Frank Wild
Frank Worsley
Ernest Shackleton was the leader of the
expedition. He is the leader and makes
commands and orders.
Frank Worsley
IS the captain of
the Endurance. He makes
ship routes and ship directions.
Frank Wild is the
He could take over Henry
Shackleton place if he wasn't
Other Important Characters.
Percy Blackborrow
Hubert Hudson
(Navigating officer)
Alfred Ceetham
(Third Officer)
Fun Facts
Percy Blackborrow
was a stowaway on the Endurance
He had a sense of humor when
meeting the leader
This is Antarctica. Shackleton and his crew have to over the whole continent
This is Great Britain. This is where
Shackleton worked to get money for there next expedition.
This is the Endurance. This is the ship that Shackleton used to go over the Antarctic.

South Georgia Island is the the place Shackleton stopped at before going into Antarctica. They landed in Stromness island
Antarctica is a very important setting in the exploration. The objective is to cross the entire Antarctic from one side to the other. They got trapped in an ice pack
This is Great Britain. Shackleton is very famous in Great Britain. He had to get enough money to go on his expedition. He had many ways like: sweet talking, famous enough for it, and set up donations to raise money. In Great Britain, Queen Alexandra gave him gifts for the ship.
Fun facts:
Shackleton got A lot
of sled dogs at South
Georgia Island.
when the Endurance entered Antarctica, it got stuck in a pack of ice. The crew had nothing to do and got bored easily. Many men tried activities to get away from cabin fever.
This is The crew crossing the Antarctic.
The crew had to pull a big ship across the ice and had a hard time moving in the snow. This is one of the most famous pictures of the crew.
This is a picture of the
endurance crushed. The pressure crushed the ship on both sides and it tipped over and turned into rubble.Many things were destroyed.
Fun facts:
The crew had to pull
a 900 pound boat across Antarctica
This is a picture of the Endurance
climbing into the boats. You can see that they struggled.
This is a picture of the crew on Elephant island they made camp there in search of a rescue team.
This is a picture of a rescue boat saving the Endurance crew. This is a great moment for the crew.
fun facts:
The Endurance crew had 3 ships but one got lost before they reached Elephant island.
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