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Path of the Entrepreneur: Social Media Marketing for Startups

This edition of PotE addresses how social media has changed the game of letting people know about your new business.

Ron Marshall

on 2 August 2011

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Transcript of Path of the Entrepreneur: Social Media Marketing for Startups

Path of the Entrepreneur This Month: Social Media Marketing for Your Startup Empire state of grind The Blueprint 2.0 (and 3.0 and 4.0 and ...) How do I apply this to my business? What kind of content can you produce to show your brand authority in that niche? What needs or greeds do you serve for your customers? The Ferndale Career Center Presents Written and designed by Ron Marshall Find me and training facilitator Heather Coleman-Voss at

Ferndale Career Center
713 E. Nine Mile Road
Ferndale, MI 48220

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Ron's F|Lin|T: RonMarshall|/in/RonMarshall/|@Ron_Marshall
Heather's F|Lin|T: HeatherEColeman|/in/HeatherEColeman|@HeatherEColeman


6/22/11 Death of the Autoresponder The performance of older forms of marketing doesn't compare to the potential of these current platforms for branding and customer engagement. What does YOUR business do? What have you heard about social media and marketing your business online? http://mashable.com/2011/06/21/best-social-media-infographics/#17285How-Small-Businesses-Are-Using-Social-Media How are others using it? Friends! How many of us have them? The answer: It usually does. Most importantly ... Marketing director George Wright found out that his company’s CEO and the R&D team used wooden boards to test the toughness of their blenders. He invested $100 and convinced the CEO to blend other things to film.

Now, BlendTec, the 186-person commercial blender division of KTEC, uses two official Web sites, their YouTube channel, Facebook Page, and Twitter account to connect to customers, humanize the company, and incite impressive sales growth, driven mainly by their series of outlandish "Will It Blend?" videos. Now, how can you see social media helping YOUR business? Get started today!

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Web site with a blog
(I recommend WordPress) Please connect with us today!

Facebook|LinkedIn|Twitter: FerndaleCareerCenter/Ferndale Career Center (search)/@FerndaleCareer

Ron Marshall F|Lin|T: RonMarshall|/in/RonMarshall/|@Ron_Marshall

Heather Coleman-Voss F|Lin|T: HeatherEColeman|/in/HeatherEColeman|@HeatherEColeman

www.ferndalecareercenter.wordpress.com Glow sticks Skis iPhone 3G
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