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Social media

Anqi Mao

on 9 March 2013

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Transcript of Communication

Segregated & Poor communication can be regarded as a barrier between managers and employees.
Employees may lose trust in management if communication is not reliable, consistent, and continuous. Poor top down communication Poor bottom up communication Disorder & Disruption
of work flow Schedule a meeting to discuss workplace communication strategies
Create a list of leaders’ responsibilities of communication
Emphasize and repeat the main points
Remove distractions when communicating
Encourage open discussion and feedback Strategies LOW Employee Morale in Employees’ Performance can leave employees feeling Poor communication Organizations often communicate to employees about what is happening within the company. These communications can be in a form of an email, written communication such as a weekly or monthly letter, or employee meetings. Talk is how most communication is heard by employees, however, poor communication can leave employees feeling segregated from management. Internal communication can have either a positive or negative affect on employees.
Need a more sophisticated approach
(Informational VS. Constitutive)

Giving Right info to the Right person at the Right time
(Internal VS. External)

Viewing organization as communication
(Adaptive challenge VS.Technical problem) ACCEPT it! Put everything on the table and LAUGH it off! Bad perception
1. Promote employee interaction

2. Leadership training

3. Employee feedback Departmental functions are confused, omissions, overlapping

Wrong communication direction

Lack of feedback and interaction Distrust Conflict and Barriers create Job
Dissatisfaction Causes
of Communication Performance Evaluations Honesty with Employee Create Interest Stimulate Action Listen to ideas and suggestions Solutions Strategies Anqi Mao
Linda Barba
Dongni Mao
Sinia Bustamante
Weinan Xu
Norma Jimenez Group4 No feeling
involvement No bonds,
loyalty May not feel
efficient/productive Strategies Questions? LACK Communication is the Link that Promotes Synergy
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