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Bomb disposal robot

No description

Michael Goldsmith

on 30 September 2014

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Transcript of Bomb disposal robot

Running gear -
The motors and track system that drive the robot.
Battery -
Stores energy for use by the robot.
Radio receiver/ transmitter -
Allows the robot to recieve instructions from and send input data to the controller.
Robotic arm -
Allows the robot to interact with its surroundings and dispose of bombs.
Cameras (infrared and visual light) -
Allows the controller to see from the robots point of view
Lights -
To illuminate the area around the robot.
Processor -
To interpret radio instructions and follow them, and send radio signals from the varios sensors.
Microphone -
Detects sound around the robot, so that the controller can hear what is going on from a distance.
Speakers -
Allows the controller to communicate with those around the robot from a distance.
Cameras (infrared and visual light) -
Interprets light as electrical signal.
Motion detectors -
Interprets nearby motion as electrical signal.
Microphone -
Converts nearby sound to electrical signal
Radio receiver-
Translates incoming radio signal to electrical signal.
Explosive chemicals detector -
Interprets chemicals as an electrical signal.
Rotating shoulder, wrist and grippers
- Motors receive electrical signals from the processor and move the arm accordingly.
Radio transmitter
- Recieves electrical signals and converts them to radio, sending them to the controller.
- Convert electrical signals to sound.
Running gear - Motors recieve electrical signals from the processor and turn the tracks
- Convert electrical signals to light, illuminating the area around the robot so that the controller can see in dark areas.
The bomb disposal robot would need software to interpret incoming radio signals and use output devices accordingly. It would also need to interpret data from input devices and send radio signals back to the controller.

For example, if the controller sends a signal for the robot to move forward, then the radio receiver will receive that signal and send an electrical interpretation to the processor. The processor will then instruct the motors connected to the tracks to turn, moving the robot forwards. At the same time, the data from the inputs needs to be sent via the radio transmitter back to the controller.
Bomb Disposal Robot
The bomb disposal robot would need some form of fixed storage space to store the sofware which utilises the hardware and receives and interprets signals from the controller. It would also need RAM to run this basic software.
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