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Exercise Squared

A look into the new style of exercising in the classroom to increase learning.

Joshua LeBlanc

on 14 May 2011

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Transcript of Exercise Squared

BDNF? What is BDNF? What is the City Park Collegiate Experiment? What does it have to do with NYS Physical Education Standards? Lets find out! The experiment had students exercise in the classroom while leraning. Students were meausred to see how the program worked. The experiment showed improvements in many areas of learning in the students, showing that exercise increases learning. This is Saskatoon Canada. Collegiate Park is where the experiment i am discussing took place. What do you think? Results Findings Students showed an increase in reading and
writing. Another big improvement came in
behavior with some even improvign at home. Benefits The benefits are clear form this program.
The students showed and increase in scores, behavior and even responsiveness. This shows that combining education and physical activity we can become smarter. This will allow us to work on getting both obesity down and increase intelligence. This experiment showed that our Physical Educationstandards do make sense and can be encorporated into
all of education.

NYS Standard 1A and 1B were both worked on in some way in this experiment. By having them use different equipment and challange them selves in new ways they pick up and learn some new motor skills. For 1B the students are learning more exercises and activities they can do to put into their fitness plan.

In this experiment i believe the students really made connection with standard 2. I believe they learned the most about behavior and safety. Also making it a positive enviroment. The students got enjoyment out of the exercise and it helped them focus as the study showed. They were able to express themselves in someway and get enjoyment out of the exercise, which is the key for standard 2.

Standard 3 is a little harder to encapsulate but the students did gain some knowledge of what equipment is available and how they can use is.

Now there are certain parts of the NYS Standards that this type of education cannot reach. On that note lets see what i think about all of this. My Thoughts This experiment does show a new way of education. It is a step in the right direction for overall health in schools i believe however, this is by no means a replacement for Physical education. This can be a supplement that i think should be looked into but should never be considered an answer. We need as much movement as we can get 40 minutes a day sint enough as it is so i believe this should be added to an already good existing PE program. The findings were interesting and should be tested in other schools to see hwo accurate it is.

One question is why haven't more peopel heard of this teacher and program? For one its in canada and we are more internally focused then some would admit. The imagination and creativity is the key from this piece and makes me think of what my program would be like. I would make a program everyone can enjoy and even other teachers woudl like to be part of in someway. being creative and exciting is my goal so no student hates what is going on. I know not every student will always be happy with what were doing on a given day but most on most days is a start. A key point i want to make is i wont forget about the classic students, ones like me. i loved playing basketball, soccer and all the main sports. If they get completely cut out i would feel left behind i dont want life time activities every class with no competetion because then i am bored. I think PE needs to keep that in mind as we move forward. BDNF is (Brain Derived Neurotrophic Factor).
It is the science behind the creation of certain brain cells that promote learnigna nd retaining new information. Exercise has been shown to increase the creation of these cells and is the science behind the collegiate park experiment. I wonder if any where else has tryed somethign simmilar?
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