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Working Memory

Ed Psych

Michael Quiambao

on 8 October 2012

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Transcript of Working Memory

By: Michael Quiambao, Cayla Olynyk, Andrew Gilbert, Josh Morales Phonological Loop Working Memory Visual Spatial Central Executive •A system for rehearsing words and sounds for the short-term memory Acoustic code – sounds, auditory memory Short Term Memory Rehearsal – verbal Categories:
1.sensory memory
2.short term memory
3.long term memory


Memory Span=number of digits an individual can repeat back without error in one try. → Depends on age

Active storehouse =memories may be forgotten if they are not attended to or rehearsed Two Components Responsible for:

supervising attention
making plans
retrieving and integrating information
language/reading comprehension
problem solving Problem (4+5) x 2
3+(12/4) High School Classroom
Application Stores Visual and Spatial Information Duplication P Mnemonic Devices Chunking
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