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Concur v13


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Transcript of Concur v13


YOU fuel our growth! YOU bring value every day, and YOU are critical to the success of this organization. You should feel encouraged to bring your whole self to this place we call “work”. For 2016, our goal is continue to invest in your future here at Concur by focusing on career growth resources and leadership development programs—while seeking more ways to better enable YOU in your job… every day.

Innovation is what sets us apart from everyone else and this year, we are taking innovation to new levels. We’re focusing on enhancements and improvements that will ultimately impact growth as well as our bottom line.

We are always looking to build better rapport with existing customers, and establish new relationships, across the globe. Every point of Distribution is connected to the customer in some way, even those who don’t directly engage with customers. The work we do impacts their success and our ability to improve customer engagement ultimately demonstrates their level of satisfaction. New markets, new relationships, reliability and usability each contribute and drive our NPS results, as well as our growth results.

Focused Selling & Success Teams
2016 is about rapid growth, across all of Distribution, and is driven by every single person on our team—that means you—regardless of the seat you sit in. This Distribution team has what it takes to tackle and reach growth goals. Lofty yes! Achievable—absolutely!  It’s about marketplace, new market penetration, people and industry innovation.  

Customer Health & Engagement

New Markets & Strategic Industries
Grow Inbound Partner Revenue Worldwide by 26% YoY

Leverage the Full Partner Ecosystem for Diversity of Sourced Referrals (i.e. Alliances, TMCs, Systems Integrators, Advisors, Platform Partners)

Capitalize on Global SAP T&E Conversions

For Enterprise America’s, our vertical (industry) strategy is defined by aligning budget and resources to market, sell and serve accounts with like characteristics. This creates better synergy, efficiency and focus—and an enhanced experience for the customer. SAP also sees value in verticals, which creates an opportunity to align closely with our biggest channel.


End to end view of all market entry activities.
Centralized framework, establishing a repeatable, predictable process for market expansion and entry.
Communication Model driving a wider and deeper level of communication across Concur.
Coordinate Go-To-Market planning and execution across all of lines of business.
KPI’s and success metrics.
The Global Strategy and Operations New Market Program will provide:

NOTE: Markets in grey will complete Discovery Stage activities (Market, Product Offering, Gap Analysis and Budget) to become new Concur markets.
2016 Markets
Potential 2017 Markets
Offering & Sales Process

Career Growth

Develop a GTM Talent Pipeline framework as a way to highlight the many career paths and offer the tools needed to progress your career, allowing additional transparency around career planning.

Be the catalyst for field employees to embody our culture, drive toward shared goals, and gain knowledge to be productive quickly. Enable employees across the organization to increase productivity, efficiency, and engagement.
in resources leaders can use to strengthen
leadership trust
, which is measured frequently via pulse and annual
engagement survey.
“How likely are you to recommend your direct manager as a manager you trust?”

Concur Standard

Market-Specific Travel Integration
Offering Improvement – holistic approach to strengthening our competitive position in target segments. This year, Distribution will focus on Large Market (LM) and Nationals segments for this work. This includes our product, the way we sell, our implementation and support services, and marketing.

­ Continue to enhance and refine Q2O process

­ Focus on tighter integration and visibility between Marketo and SFDC

­ Improve reports to give the business better insights to enable them to work smarter

­ Enablement expansion to include on-going education, accreditation and deeper in-market relevance

­ Creation of a Program Management Office to drive Distribution-wide strategic initiatives and process improvements (i.e: New Market Expansion, Customer Health and Engagement)

­ Extending SAP conversion program beyond SAP’s Cloud-For-Travel customers to also bring on premise SAP customers onto Concur’s platform

­ Improve SLA’s for field-facing support

Sales Process
2016 Standard Experience:
Focus on User-Friendly & Business-Ready

Spend Management (Core)
Small and Mid-sized businesses

TripLink & Platform
End user Experience, activation & engagement

Stability and Infrastructure
In 2016, Concur will deliver significant enhancements that will further our vision to manage all employee discretionary spending including:

User-friendly solutions that employees
to use in order to help manage spending

Business-ready solutions that scale to any organization size, that provide data and insights to control costs, maintain compliance and drive efficiency

2016- Online Booking Tool
Air Shop & Book – Flex & Unbundled Fares, single page checkout

Rail Shop & Book – Expanded EU content; Cxl/Rebook UI
Hotel Shop & Book –
enriched property detail
amenities, images, reviews; recommendations

2016 TMC Services
Travel Integration
Control booking with approved amounts, Trip change re-approval flow, passive approvals
Mobile –
Create, Submit & Modify; Approval flow UX improvements
TripLink Integration
Request creation from TripLink itinerary
Correx Contracting & Migrations –

Concur Travel / Compleat Integrations-Seats, Payment, Unused Tickets

TMC Support –
Compleat, Reporting Integration, Agent Partnerships
Launch New TMC Services –
Virtual Payment, Travel Self Service, TripIt4TMCs
Launch Itinerary Capture from TMCs (TMC2Expense)

Redesign Web & Mobile TripIt Experience
Enhanced TripIt experience for end users
Globalization groundwork for TripIt
TripLink market expansion
LLF Shop for Triplink Air Bookings
2016 Request
2016 TripIt & TripLink
Development Planning link:

SuccessMap link:
Investments link:
For SMN/Ent Americas, we are expanding our strategic industries approach, with added focus in higher education, government contracting, life sciences, healthcare and the federal government. We have chosen to focus on industries with unique needs, greater customer references and a significant amount of upside in terms of overall market opportunity. This includes a full customer lifecycle approach to business via marketing, business development, sales, customer development and service delivery & customer success.

Client Satisfaction
Are my users (travelers & admins) happy with Concur’s products & services?

NPS & End User Survey
Do I have a relationship with Concur and do I feel committed
and engaged?

Business Reviews Tracking (ENT) | At Risk % (SMN)

Are we using products/services per our expected contractual volume?

Is Concur addressing my support needs within acceptable turnaround times?

Support (WIP)

Contractual Performance
Am I willing and committed to continuing our contract with Concur?

Contractual Term (ENT) | Billing (SMN

Is my business realizing value from the Concur products & services we’ve purchased?


Drive consistency in how we
track & measure Customer Health

across all of Concur

actionable insights
to deliver more value to customers
& Concur employees

Multi-phased global Program

Customer Health & Engagement


Process Optimization
Customer Success

Improved Insights
Single, optimized Customer Success tool

Automation to trigger impactful interactions

Enhance Client Dev engagement with customers

Integrate Customer Success within CLM

Simplified CTransformationlient Dev/Manager experience

Reactive Proactive

NPS score > 40
Higher Retention & ARR

Define common Customer Health KPIs

Data insights to drive the business

Q2: 3-4 months
Q4: ~6 months
Kick-off cross-Concur data centralization program
Client Dev Transformation:
Reactive Proactive

Visibility to overall customer health
(all management levels)
Client Dev Global Launch
Implement long-term Customer Success platform
Services & Distribution Customer Lifecycle Management (CLM) process & tools refinement
Launch actionable insights for Client Dev SMN & ENT Americas leveraging Scout
Data analysis & gap assessment
Establish customer health (CH) score with alignment across Distribution, Services, R&D, etc
Higher Retention

Increased ARR

Improved NPS

Streamlined Client
Dev & Services customer engagement model

Customer health feedback integration with Product & Services teams

Optimized CLM program

Program Approach
Focused Selling & Success Teams

Drive YoY ARR growth

Minimize revenue attrition from customer and product losses

Drive the Customer Journey realizing full value of the concur solution

Create focused client selling and client success teams to work as a market unit along with blended marketing organization, including:

For Enterprise Americas, historically sales teams were focused on selling to both prospects AND clients. With the new internal structure, Client Sales Executives (CSE) and Client Executives (CE) partner together and are able to provide customers greater visibility to the value of Concur. CSEs provide value through expansion and cross sell. CEs provide value through building and maintaining a strategic partnership. This new structure gives us the ability to be more focused with customers—improving their overall experience and success with Concur.

For SMN Americas, Client Sales Executives (CSE) and Client Success Managers (CSM) work together as one team for our customers. CSEs grow the customer relationship through selling new services. CSMs ensure customers are getting maximum value from the services they have already purchased from Concur. Our “Power of One” is a winning combination for our customers, which is focused on delivering value through sales and retention. 

Engagement Survey
growth target
Due to the incredible growth experienced in 2015, our baseline number for measuring new ARR growth across Distribution is at a higher starting point—resulting in a BIG number for us to achieve. Let’s continue our trajectory—we can grow by 28%!


Development Planning
using the resources available to us in
Success Map

Learning @ Concur JAM
. Measurable succession planning for our fast track employees and leaders. 
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