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Brain A.A.B.E.M.J.J.

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on 17 October 2014

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Transcript of Brain A.A.B.E.M.J.J.

How Does The Brain Function?
Fun Facts!
You lose about 5,000 brain cells every day after you turn 25 years old.
Thank You For Watching Our Presentation!







What are nerves for?
Why do we dream?

What are the Brain Wrinkles for?
There are 3 parts
The Primary Sensory Area is the part that makes you see and hear.
The Primary Motor Cortex is the part that lets you move but the motor cortex sends axons down to cerebrum.

Association Area makes you decide choices.
3rd Grades Questions
Nerves are so you can feel stuff like a hit or heat.
Can nerves wear out?

Get Up and Dance!
How Do The Brain and nerves WORK Together?
They work together by telling each other messages.
Nerves are connected to the spinal cord
Long time ago lots of people thought dreams were real.
When we dream we respond to the threatening situations.
Many believe we learn from them
We get wisdom from dreams
Dreams clean your mind and brain
Dreams are a summary of your day and its put together in to a story.
Dreams come from the subconscious mind beneath and beyond consciousness
People thought you get a wrinkle every time you learn.
But that is not true if you stretch out a brain (which is gross) it would be the area of a 180 centimeters!
Yes nerves can wear out with age.
How to keep your Brain Healthy!
To keep your brain healthy SLEEP!
Also eat nutritious food
Go outside to do your homework nature is good for your brain
Keep your mind active
Such as learn a dance something new that you've never done.
Your brain weights about 3 Ibs.
The cerebrum is the largest part of your brain and it's the weight of 85% of your brain.
The brain is 75% made of water.
Your brain consist of about 100 billion neurons.
They are more than 1000 kilometers.
Remain socially active
What NOT to do :
Eat lots of fat
Watch television and play video games because your brain doesn't work while you're watching and playing video games!!!
have nagative mind
use phone while you're charging it(ectromagnetic waves comes out and you lose your brain cells)

put your phone next to you while you're sleeping(because the light of the phone distract you to sleep, so you become fat because you can't sleep well)
Nice Work!
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