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We Beat The Streets

This is about the book "We Beat the streets" it gives you the whole plot and there are some special song that go along with the presentation and Avery, Cross, and Hailey hope you enjoy:) Thanks to Mrs.Wayne for introducing Prezi to us!!!!

cross harris

on 12 September 2013

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Transcript of We Beat The Streets

We Beat The Streets
Falling Action
The falling action in this book is Remeck, George, and Sampson all go to prison while knowing about the scholarship they all are released.

We Beat The Streets
By: Sampson Davis
Avery, Cross, Hailey
The boys all got the scholarship and went to college, they all became doctors while one was a dentist.
Rising Action
The Rising action in the story is when they go to a presentation that makes them realize that they have a chance to become doctors.
In the begining of the book it starts off with 3 boys named Samson,George, and Rameck and they are all thugs and their life is getting nowhere with the drugs, violance, and gangs.
Literary Element
Litearary Element
Forshadowing was used when all three of them were doctors, and they looked back to when they were kids.
When the doctors get allowed into college because with a reputation like their's it was really hard to get into college.
The theme is to not let anything get in the way of chasing your dream.
Literary Element
In the very begining of this book it stated that walking with air is nescessary for survival, and that is my example of personification.
An example of hyperbole in this book is when Sampson had 200 pounds of concrete fall on his foot and he said "Mom is going to kill me!".
This song is about being brave and taking a stand; and I think it relates well to the book "We Beat The Street".
All for today folks

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