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Name Project

No description

Deziree Valdez

on 11 October 2010

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Transcript of Name Project

Deziree Kaylin Valdez D e z i r e e K a y l i n My mom always calls me this.This is very close to what she calls me when I am in trouble. D
z l
e e
d 1.If had had to change my name, I would change it to Daniela. I would change it to Daniela because its not very common and to me it is mysterious. Deziree- origin: French
Meaning: the one desired
not a common name
assuming responsiblites and to look after people
gets along with everyone 2.My favorite name for a boy would have to be Tyler. I would pick Tyler for a boy because I just love the way it sounds! balanced, orderly,and organized
friendly,warm,and charming
natural peacemaker
enthusiasm, but it fades rather quickly My middle name Kaylin is named after one of my mom's middle school teacher's daughter. My birthstone amethyst is my favorite color.I think the word amethyst could some how be turned into a beautiful girl's name. Deziree Deziree,Deziree,Bo Beziree
Banana,Fanna,Fo Feziree
Fee,Fy,Mo Meziree Deziree Nicknames- Dez

Dezi Bear
Pamper-butt Deziree Kaylin Valdez- a KinD eVil-eyed razzle DeiVez lazze ed- at first when I look at it to me it tells that people are lazy.to me it means that a lot of people take advantage of life. most people are lazy and don't get up to get out and have a fun fullfilling life.we only have one life so we should use it and spend it wisely. -short for Deziree
-most people call me this
-my grandma calls me this for no reason
-my uncle calls me this since I was little
-my uncle call me these because when I was little he said I was to much to handle
-my friend calls me this because I have all of her secrets -my friend calls me this because I love m-n-m's
-the whole volleyball team calls me this
-my friend calls me this because its part of my first name and part of her name
-my friend calls me this because I remind her of a giant teddybear
-my best friend calls me this because I love to be in water
-my brothers and sisters call me this
-my grandpa calls me this because he loves me alot
-my grandpa has called me this since I was a little girl Those are my nicknames!Most of them are very embrassing :} My mom choose my name because to her it waZ a unique name but not with a S with a Z.Deziree Kalin Valdez
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