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AIPM National Conference 2012

No description

Rowena Huddleston

on 11 October 2012

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Transcript of AIPM National Conference 2012


Day 1 Summary Rowena Huddleston, Project Consultant
Corporate PMO
South Australian Water Corporation Quote: 'Culture Eats Strategy for Breakfast' Peter Drucker

Culture considerations and differences = Interpersonal space, language and Time Orientated.

Leadership styles = Be adaptable without compromising the non-negotiable - Pick the real signals from the noise - Play where you can add value and let the experts to the rest - Recognise good efforts. Keynote 1: Mr Santo Rizzuto CEO SKM
South America: Opportunities and Challenges of a New Frontier Create capacity and remove obstacles

Expeditious problem solving - Elevating issues to the CE or Sponsor and you could get it resolved in a day

Never look at risk without considering the consequences.

Book: The Fog and the HIll Keynote 2: Mr Frank Sartor, Managing Director SPP Services
Insight in the delivery of public programs Governance Principles - Alignment to vision and justification for level of effort and value

Processes and System Integration - Implement a standard, define alignment, match business objectives, dependencies, classify outputs to avoid duplication

Define decision points for programs - Go no Go for alignment and justification

Monitor and control for assurance. Effective Program Governance Based on Practical Methods and Systems:
Paul Purdon Use of a clock diagram by month to show the project life-cycle or a planning process

Communication (clarify your message) - Manage (decide on your primary message) - Entertain (use effective pictures, reports, diagrams)

Create one phrase for the Sponsor that they can take away from and talk about the project. Engaging with Sponsor New to Projects;
Visual Metaphors and Rich Pictures:
Matthew Overton Culture is influenced by different events and can have impact e.g. Competition, dominance, group members, cultural programming.
Hofstede 1984
Fons Trompenaars, Holland 1952
Robert House, USA 1932 - 2011 instigated project GLOBE)

Cultural intelligence involves turning off the auto-pilot. Project Management and the Cultural Imperative: Bill Young Build a single integrated team and develop a shared understanding of roles and responsibilities.

Build a partnership with the Change Manager at the Program Manager once the program has been set.

(Reference: Make Change Work IMB Report May 2008)

80% success from Business Change Managers versus 8% success from novices Programme Managers are from Mars Change Managers are from Venus: Joan Dobbie Bupa take over of MBF etc. was a transformation project:
100 day priorities
stabalise business
consolidate reporting
regular communication
re-structure top 3 levels
confirm synergy targets
decide on computer systems
agree branding strategy
change roadmap

Initial 'sweep' when decisions needed to be made and then conduct second 'sweep' to optimise.

Create 'Transformation Scorecard' Keynote: Mr Hishem El-Ansary Director Bupa Australia - How is Bupa helping Australians Setting up Performance Levels
in Requirements: Micheal Addis Creating relative value and cost curves

Setting requirement priority levels; Essential, important and desirable to include in contracts

What is the value and when does it cut-off in terms of cost and performance.

(Reference: www.codarra.com) Project Controls Innovations in the Road Construction Environment: A Case Study on M80 Ring Road Upgrade Project: Trevor Lam The role and value of a Program Controls Group and Program Management Framework:
consistency in reporting
interdependency's between projects and contractors
quality is reliable and up to date.

Tier 1: Master Program
Tier 2: Internal and contract interdependency management
Tier 3: Victoria Roads internal program
Tier 4: Contract specific reporting. Rekha definition of PMO - A disciplined approach to managing change.

3 asepcts; doing things well, doing the right things and doing this right.

Assess the business project maturity level to determine where the business needs support at the project, program and portfolio levels.

Develop a 'current state assessment' of the PMO.

What problems are you trying to solve and what are you trying to achieve. Create a vision from the PMO (identify, define, deliver and continuously improve).

The PMO Service Triangle: Planning, Functions (monitoring and review of inter-dependencies and resources) , Centre of Excellence (optimise methods and capability), Delivery Support (integration of risks and program schedules).

What resources should be in a PMO: PMO Manager, methods expert, master planner, scheduler, analyst, reporter, PMO co-ordinator and business analyst. Workshop: PMO Development and Sustainment:
Rekha Sharma Approaches to PMO development:
Executive alignment and leadership support
Stakeholder identification and needs analysis
What are the threats to the PMO and mitigate the risk
Establish a Charter and define what the PMO will and won't do
Establish roles and responsibilities within the PMO
Determine the benefits and develop a 100 day plan
Conduct a independant PMO effectiveness review
Conduct internal assurance check-up
Define what success looks like
Have PMO 'champions'
Keep it simple and be clear about your goals
What are your drivers and what do you want to achieve
The PMO should regularly report on their progress against a schedule of work, cost and risk.

Some strategies shared:
Have reward and recognition of contribution to PMO effectiveness
PM quarterly update communication
60 seconds on a topic or interview 1 pager
PMO roadshow - Selling the WIFM for stakeholders and why they should engage the PMO
Don't be 'faceless' PMO Workshop continued:
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