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No description

Carmona Ochoa

on 13 May 2011

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Transcript of Cortisol

Whats our name? It's Cortisol =) It's a hormone secreted by the
adrenal Glands. How do we look like? We look like this... And like this!! In a pair of glands located
above the kidneys called
the adrenal glands. Where are we found? What are 5 interesting facts... High levels of Cortisol are present in the
body in the morning... and its at it's lowest at night. It helps maintain homeostasis in the body. Stress isn't the only reason why its released into the bloodstream. It's secreted in higher levels during
the body's "fight or flight" response to
stress. And it gives you a burst of increased
immunity. What body system do we work with? The Endocrine System! =) 5 facts that I learned... High levels of cortisol can
have negative affects. Amount of cartisol released varies
among individuals. :o People with higher levels of cortisol tend to eat more food
(Probably because of the amount of insulin that needs to be
realeased). It raises blood pressure during stressful times. Men are more likely than women to develop certain stress-related disorders, including hypertension, aggressive behavior, and abuse of alcohol and drugs. What other systems do I work with ? The Circulatory System! :) Without it we would not be able to travel throughout the body. What is our main job? Our most important job is to help the body respond to stress. It also maintains blood
pressure and
cardiovascular function. We also regulate the metabolism of proteins, carbohydrates, and fats. Cortisol also helps
the body recover
from the rush of adrenaline. Why are we
important? We regulate blood pressure. =) And we are essential for proper body functions. What other organs are involved in our system?? What would happen to the human body if you fired us?? You wouldn't dare! Without us, you would develope cortisol deficiency. >:) It makes your kidneys excrete too much salt. Low blood pressure = Bad High pulse rate. Salt cravings. Since it helps release insulin for blood sugar maintanance, without it might mean that little insulin will be released leading to type 1 diabetes. Which is the lack of cortisol. And many other things that we went over, that without cortisol, would not be done. Made by...
Elizabeth Ochoa & Jazmin Carmona :D
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