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Toy Story

By Emily Hoang, Priya Sidhu, Shirin Beroukhim

Emily Hoang

on 9 September 2017

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Transcript of Toy Story

Told by
Emily Hoang
Shirin Beroukhim
Priya Sidhu
Period 3
My owner has a sickness.
They call it...

Andy's mom always had a difficulty coping with her son's mental health. It was so strange to have this disease at such a young age.
The worst was when the famous Buzz Lightyear entered his life. Immediately Buzz's selfish character alarmed all toys in Andy's room. He was obsessed with his intergalactic duties.
The moment Andy opened Buzz Lightyear's "Spaceship" (In Andy's mind), Woody's emotional dependency on Andy was immediately triggered.
He was a classic narcissist
with OCD.
Woody found himself wishing Buzz Lightyear would fall from high places and ultimately die. Consequently having Andy all to himself.
After Buzz gets pushed out the window, Rex was pacing back and forth, panting and sweating. Rex's anxiety disorder causes him to be a nuisance to the rest of the gang.
Woody, in a fit of rage, pushed Buzz out the window.
Andy can't find Buzz anywhere, so instead takes Woody with him to Pizza Planet for dinner.

Buzz is furious.
He begins to question "Why would Andy take Woody instead of me? He can't even fly. Nothing lights up! Just look at me, look how great I am!"

Buzz gets to Pizza Planet and finds Woody, filled with rage. He tries to find a space ship to send Woody away. He sees one in a claw machine and drags Woody with him into the machine.
In the claw machine, they find one little green, three-eyed, alien who is acting strangely. This alien believes that there are hundreds of clones of himself in this single machine.
He is a chronic sufferer of dissociative identity disorder.
Out of nowhere, Andy's neighbor, Sid, collects Woody and Buzz out of the claw machine.
Sid takes Woody and Buzz home with him, allowing them to meet the rest of Sid's mutated toys.
Sid views toys in a different way. The possibilities are limitless. The original purpose of a single toy is never enough, he adds and removes special features to become something new. His disregard for functional fixedness is what makes him so unique. Scary. Haunting. Fearful. Avoidable.
He decides to run an experiment on Buzz by strapping him to a self destructing rocket. Sid's remaining toys observed and did nothing.

Victims of the Bystander Effect.
Meanwhile, Andy and his mom are finalizing the move from his house to a house much closer to an institution that Andy's mother is thinking about sending him to. She wants to distance Andy as much as possible from his toys if she wants the delusions to stop.
Andy's mom decides to start the move before he could find all his toys, especially Woody. His personality is so developed in Andy's mind that Andy thinks he ran away and is trying to come home.

She has to put an end to this madness.
Woody and Buzz are still trying to escape Sid's house and his scary rocket. Buzz, while strapped to the rocket desperately asks Woody for help out of his death harness.
Woody isn't sure what to do. He wants Andy all to himself, but he knows that Andy would be really mad at him if he just let Buzz explode. His internal conflict is what we porky psychologists like to call "cognitive dissonance"
Woody's instinctual response was to leave him there, survival of the fittest style, but another part of him told him to be altruistic and helpful, and to forgive Buzz and make amends. He decides to resolve this conflict and help him but still remains angry that he is in his life.
Woody saves Buzz, and they try and maneuver a way out of Sid's house without Sid noticing, and before Andy moves away. Even Andy's mom couldn't stop their relationship.
Woody and Buzz sneak out of Sid's house, but they soon see that Andy is already on his way in the moving van!
Woody finds Andy's remote control car in the garage, and they drive towards the van.
The other toys see the remote control car, and even though they resent Woody for pushing Buzz out the window, they still help them. They get inside the car safely, and all of them celebrate a mission well accomplished.
Once they get to the new house, Andy and his mom start unpacking. Andy finds Woody and Buzz and runs to his mom to tell her!

She couldn't believe it. Somehow Andy and his toys got the best of her.
Andy's mom thought she could take her son away from all of this madness, but she has to start from square one again. Great. She was growing older and older as time went by.
And that's all I have to say.
Hi. I'm Hamm, the cute, adorable pig from the beloved tale of Toy Story that you all love so much. I've been studying Behavioral Psychology.
For my last assignment to get my degree, I've been told that I have to observe and analyze my friends in an event, to look out for any signs of psychological problems.
This is the story of how Buzz entered our little toy family.
It turns out, after reading my paper on this incident, she saw how harmful Andy really was to himself and her family. Andy's mom finally gave in to the idea of institutionalizing Andy.
Andy's mom sent Andy to a large children's facility that was close to where they moved to and to where she worked. It was best for the family.
Andy's mom never did get rid of us. We currently reside in the attic--she just couldn't permanently get rid of us. Andy's human psychiatrist thought that when he gets a better he can see us again, and it won't trigger anything. We hope.
Until then, we sit here, playing games to pass the time.
We love the attic though.
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