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How to make a Herbarium

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Kaitlin Baird

on 23 October 2012

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Transcript of How to make a Herbarium

How to make a Herbarium... 1. Obtain your sample Putting it in the press You can get a plant sample from land or the sea!

You can see here that we have collected marine algae

Go to your local dock or flip over some rocks in shallow water and you should be able to find algae (red, green, brown!) Arranging your sample * Herbarium paper
* Something heavy to hold cardboard, blotters (can be paper towels) and sample (ie press)
* A pen to label sample
* Container for arranging algae
* Ziploc or bowl for collecting
*Your eyes to hunt for algae under docks and on top of rocks!
* Optional: an ID book to see what species of algae it is What you will need You will use blotters (thick absorbent pieces of paper around your sample)

Cardboard will be placed on either side to the blotters

More cardboard pieces will be put on top to add weight

Wooden press (special or homemade will then be used to secure sample with straps)

You can also put the Cardboard and blotters under a few very heavy books! Collect your plant leaf or your algae

If Algae keep in water!

Label your herbarium paper with the name of the species and where you found it and your name! Do this before you put the paper in water!

Make sure to use herbarium paper or strong paper as you will be putting it in the water.

Put the paper beneath the tuft of algae

Use a pair of tweezers to arrange the algae in water the way you would like it to look! Then lift the paper and algae out of the water and place on blotters.
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