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Austria is a place with many sports,several ski resorts and tons of attractions

Lisa Deitz

on 4 January 2013

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Transcript of Austria

West- Central Europe Austria Austria Don't get caught up in the sports, especially the
skiing Austria Austria South Dakota has 824,082 people Austria Austria's Flag: Austria Austria Official Language of Austria is German Austria Austria has many physical features such
as the Alps, Tauern Mtns, Carnic Alps, Otztaler Alps,
Raab river, Bavarian Alps, Inn river, Drau river, Lake
Neusiedler, Danube river, Enns River, Traun river, Eastern Lowlands, and the Danube River valley. *Floating Opera
House Called the floating opera house because it is
right in the middle of a lake The capitol of Austria is Vienna Austria has 8.2 million people 10.23 inhabitants per square kilometer in South Dakota 101.78 people per square kilometer in Austria Fun Fact: Austria has one of the
oldest flags 1.Visit Mozart's house 2.Ski on one or more of Austria's many
ski resorts *3.Visit the floating Opera house- one of
the largest opera houses in the world Fun Fact: Thousands of tourists come to see this opera house even though they do not like the opera *4. take a tour to the water palace 5.Take a ferry ride down the
Danube River Five Must Sees in Austria Guten Morgen This means good morning in German Sources: Austria ~http://my.hrw.com/tabnav/controller.jsp?isbn=003099876X ~http://www.encyclopedia.com/topic/Austria.aspx
~ http://www.austria.org/
~ The World Encyclopedia A Austria Government type~ federal
republic Fun Fact: Austria was originally a Democracy
until a civil war in Austria broke out the rebels
and over threw the government in order to
have a better government and more
have freedom. Religion~ 73.6% Roman Catholic,
4.7% Protestants, 4.2% Muslim,
other 17.5% Geography of Austria South Dakota Austria ~Alps is the only mountain
range in Austria Austria This the outline map
of Austria~ Austria Germany Czech Republic Italy Leichtenstein Switzerland Slovenia Hungary Slovakia Croatia ~temparate, mild climate ~Coordinates are 47 20 N, 13 20 E ~Nartural hazards are landslides,
avalanches, and earthquakes ~Slightly smaller than Maine ~Natural resources are coal, oil,
timber, copper, iron ore,
graphite, salt Military of
Austria ~Military branches include Land
forces and Air forces
~Must be 17 to join
~There are 48,108 males in there
~There are 45,752 females in
there Military Austria: Trade
Partners & Products ~Austria is part of the European
Union which in fact is a major
part of trade in the continent of
~Austria is in fact to much inland
and it gets its many trade products throughout the land in
which it bordered in *The Water Palace The Church in
Veinna nicknamed
the water palace
because it is
surrounded by water
(pools). Fun Fact: This church was originally
modeled after Trojan's column in Rome Austria~ Death/Birth
Rate About a 8.69 birth rate per 1,000
About a 10.23 death rate per 1,000
About a 1.54 loss of population per
1,000 people Fun Fact: Even though Austria focuses on
sports~ more than 5/8 of the population
is overwheight Austria per capita income ~42,400 per capita income in
2011 Fun Fact: Austria is 19nth in the
world in most per capita income
next to Kuwait and
Ireland History and date
organized as nation:
Austria As you can see as you get more west of
Austria it is more high in evelation and
rugged due to the Alps West The ancient Celts founded
Austria around the time of 1124
during the Bronze and Iron age. Austria: Ending Paragraph Austria has many fascinating
features and monuments,
many are modern and many are
old but every part of Austria is in geography and the people that help form that geogrphy~
Example: The people form many
mines in order find to trade
products and that mining
causes a hole or cave inside
that mountain or hill. Geography invovlves mountains
and hills. Introductory:
Austria Austria is one of the many fascinating
countries that are in the European
Continent. It includes thousands of monuments and physical features such as the Alps in the
western part of Austria.
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