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Prezi and Powerpoint; my comparison

No description

현민 김

on 13 April 2013

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Transcript of Prezi and Powerpoint; my comparison

Prezi and Powerpoint; my comparison Before we go; This presentation is not based on factual information. It is my own subjective opinion toward two programs. Don't use this presentation for objective evaluation of this program. Powerpoint Prezi "rising competitor" 18+ million registered existing program Let's take a look at advantages and handicaps of both programs!! comparison 1
the ability to
get attention
from listener Powerpoint Prezi Advantages Various kind of animation help listener to pay attention Smartarts, so many clip arts help listener to pay attention Disadvantages Limited range of motion can make listener easily be bored. Divided slide, and limited size of stage can hinder creativity. Advantages Big range of motion gives more opportunity to make creative effects Different program(unknown program)can get attention naturally Disadvantages Too active motion can give dizziness. smaller amount of animation effects comparison 2
easiness of editing Powerpoint Prezi Advantages Efficient when adding shapes Efficient when changing form of shapes, texts, ect. Too many advanced tools that hinder users Too many versions > not compatible with upper versions Advantages Artificial intelligence(?)
e.g.) Diagrams automatically inserting their paths into the sequence. Can cooperate with your friends. Disadvantages Hard to make a form of text, shapes, ect. Unfamiliar manual using Prezi
e.g.)scrolling is zooming(not moving up and down) Disadvantages comparison 3
Presenting Powerpoint Prezi Advantages Automatic sliding; PPT has a tool memorizing the timing for next slide Going back and front; can move to next fast PPT is not compatible with upper version PPT is offline service. It is not compatible > inefficient Advantages Prezi is online service; it is very compatible > efficient Disadvantages Cannot use when internet is not connected. It is slow when moving front of back. Disadvantages Prezi is online service; you can get feedbacks from other users Prezi
Need partial pay for upgrade

-animation; fade-ins
-private logo Powerpoint
PPT 2010, PPT 2003, PPT 2007, ect. Too many version > not compatible DONE!! ENJOYED?? BY KIM HYUN MIN Additional Hidden Message;

Dokdo is Korean Territory!!
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