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"Cartoon Clip Art of a Smiling Red Apple Character Mascot on

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Ann Butler

on 18 December 2013

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Transcript of "Cartoon Clip Art of a Smiling Red Apple Character Mascot on

The End
Presented by Ann Butler narrated by Dominique Butler
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Adults returning to school
Teachers must redesign curricula
Computer technologies are having a
deep impact on student learning.

Wrap-up review

Teachers need to preview the technology, media and materials that will be used by the students to make sure students are able to follow along and are able to use the materials.

Emerging Technology


ASSUREing Integration

Comparative Study of Emerging Technologies

Discovering Emerging Technologies

Margaret Ann Butler

Lori Brooks Wijbrandus, PhD

EDU 540: Designing, Developing and Evaluating

December 8, 2013

Emerging Technology for The Future of Education

Computer technologies are having a deep impact on the way teachers teach their classes and the way students learn.

ASSUREing Integration

Is the way communication is transpired from person to person
The ability to communicate effectively is vital
Teamwork is also important

Meaningful Learning

Involves new teaching and learning concepts
Teachers/instructors must to make sure they are
creating an innovative learning platform
providing guidance and tutoring adult students

Quality of Up and Coming Technology

Teachers must redesign curricula
Teachers must re-think the students’ workload and their teaching load
Teachers must bridge their teaching methods with research

Comparative Study of Emerging Technologies 

In the near future we will be looking at:
Game-based learning
3D printers
Technology you can wear

Rising Technology

Book by Dr. Daniel Amen quotes that the idea of involving the adult learner is part of the shift in education
Advanced education is almost mandatory in order to excel in the job market

Change your Life. Change your career.

adults returning to school
SmartPhones or laptop computers

Discovering Emerging Technologies
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