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Traditional Schools vs. Year-Round Schools

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Julie Richardson

on 17 June 2013

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Transcript of Traditional Schools vs. Year-Round Schools

By: Julie Richardson
Traditional School
Year-Round School
Year-Round School vs. Traditional School
-A Traditional school is what most of us are accustomed to.
-These schools include 9 months of instruction and 3 months of summer break (180 day school year).
-Breaks are also allowed for many holidays.

-Year-round school is in session for 180 days. This is the same amount of time as traditional school it is just broken down into different plans.

-Most year-round schools are on a 45/15 design which means they are in school for 9 weeks then have a 3 week break. However, not all year-round schools follow this track.........

Traditional School vs. Year-Round School
Welcome Back to School!
Back to school sales...summer is over.
You know summer is coming to an end by the endless amounts of school supplies you begin to see at the front of stores. Advertisements are everywhere. Everyone knows that the long summer break is coming to an end. However, those students in year-round schools know nothing of this hustle and bustle of back to school after summer break.
Does having a long break in the summer benefit children? Or do several breaks over the course of a year offer students a better chance at success?
History of Year-Round School
-Year-round schooling has been around since the 1800s. Then it was used to help teach children of immigrants how to speak English.
-In the 1900s it's main goal was to eliminate many of the problems we face today such as overcrowding, lack of funding, and improving the educational system
HIstory of Traditional School
-Traditional school calendars were originally created for the planting and harvesting of crops.

-It is outdated as it was originally created to give summer's off to those children who needed to work on their families' farm
Benefits of Year-round school:
-With a 15 day break after 45 days of instruction, students are able to recover and refresh
-Many teachers offer to tutor over these breaks so students won't fall behind
-Because of the many breaks, families have more options for family vacations
-These students retain more information from not being away from school for months at a time
Benefits of Year-round school continued....
-More time is spent on teaching new material as opposed to reviewing old material because of summer loss
-More students can be accommodated at one school through multi-track systems
-Short term childcare is generally easier to find than long term childcare making it easier
-It eliminates the need for summer enrichment programs families may not be able to afford.
Benefits of Traditional School:
-It allows children to have life experiences outside of the classroom, such as summer camps.
-More family time without the stress or worry of school
-It's what most people are accustomed to.
-Many studies have shown there is not a significant connection with growth in student achievement in year-round schools.
Disadvantages-Year-Round School:
-They are more costly- must run air-conditioning and transportation throughout the entire year
-It's harder to fix major repair needs when the building is empty for only short periods of time
-Demands for cafeteria, custodians, maintenance, and administration is higher.

-Teachers who want to earn advanced degrees have limited time to do so

-It makes it more difficult for students of working age to get and keep jobs they would normally work during their summer break.
Disadvantages of Traditional School:

-There is much learning lost while students are out of school in the summer months.
-Many parents have difficulty with finding childcare in the summer
-Teacher must spend much of their instructional time at the beginning of the year teaching and reviewing the previous year' concepts
-Remediation is often unsuccessful
Studies have found...
-The North Carolina Department of Public Instruction examined how achievement was effected between traditional schools and year-round schools on more than 345,000 North Carolina students. The results showed that the achievement levels were no higher in one school than the other (Education Week, 2004).
Time for Reflection:

-Discuss your viewpoints on Traditional School vs. Year-Round School.

-Which do YOU think would be more beneficial to our students? Why?
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Year-Round School
Jamie Kivett-South Graham Elementary

-I don't think the kids lose as much knowledge over the breaks
-I like having a few breaks instead of one long break in the summer. When teachers and students are getting "burned out" we normally have a break coming up so that we can relax and get collected for the next part of the school year

-Most high schools and middle schools in the area don't have a year-round schedule because of sports. I think it's weird that our students will get used to the year-round schedule only for it to change when they go to middle/high school.

-Families with children in different schools face difficulty with scheduling.
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