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Social Media Presentation

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Megan Leigh

on 8 January 2015

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Transcript of Social Media Presentation

In 2008, the program was shut down due to loss in profit.
the result
Measurements include:
organic reach
Social Media Presentation
Eric Carlson

Facebook is an online social networking service that is designed to give people the power to share and make the world more open and connected.

About Facebook
Facebook was created in 2004 by Mark Zuckerberg.
Initially the site was exclusive to Harvard students, but gradually the audience grew to include other demographics.
As of 2006 anyone over the age of 13 with a valid email address is able to have a Facebook account.
Facebook has
over 1 billion active users
The average Facebook user is a
between the
ages of 18-29
with an income of less $49,999 a year.
Facebook in the field of
Public Relations
A Facebook campaign can easily be (and should be) tailored based on the
target audience
Facebook allows for a public relations practitioner to have an intimate
view of someones life
by viewing their profile
Facebook can be an incredibly useful tool to
create publicity
What in the heck is Metacafe?
The beginning:
Metacafe was created in 2003 by co-founders, Arik Czerniak and Eyal Herzog
A little Background
Total Users: 1.3 billion
Isaiah Bradford
Kylie Gottschalk
Megan Guldenpfennig
Metacafe in the field of PR
facebook metrics
Available for free to any Business Page
Important performance indicators that play virtual roles in PR
click-through rate
negative feedback
Reach & Organic Reach
the # of fans "likers" who view or liked a post
Click-through Rates
Negative Feedback
1 & 2
Why is this important in PR?
helps measure the
of your content to your audience whereas
organic reach
recognizes ways to
that content
# of likes, comments, shares, views, people who've liked commenters posts, & clicks on pages name
Organic Reach:
measures the # of fans & non-fans who view a particular post
Why is this important in PR?
Analyzing which posts receives higher levels of engagement can help companies create content that generates your
audiences interest
When a post generates a buzz, they can quickly grow in popularity, or go viral
Why is this important in PR?
Storytellers essentially spread the word about content by either discussing the post or engaging with the post itself
# of people who have clicked on a link within your content, watched a video, or viewed a larger version of a photo
Why is this important in PR?
They help assess how many people have potentially seen your content
More importantly, which content peaked the most user's interest
Users who unlike your page, hiding specific or all future content from their newsfeed, or reporting posts as spam
Why is this important to PR?
Facebook posts with negative feedback generally receive less exposure and have less reach over time
Organic Reach
programmed for today’s young male Entertainment Drivers.

Quoted from Metacafe's website:
It also has a very attractive gaming presence, which is a popular hobby for males, especially between the ages of 12-34
Creating informational videos
Researching target publics
Their mission:
"to serve the world's best videos"
At it's peak:
In 2006, Metacafe was ranked the 3rd largest video site in the U.S.
Pitches and Press Releases
More interesting and engaging
Flexibility- 8 categories on Metacafe
Trust and Credibility
Videos are sometimes better than written text
Crisis & Reputation Management
Reach large audiences
Gives the media talking points
Turn around negative perceptions

Allow more people to be aware of the event
Increases exposure of brand, individual, or organization
Metacafe is known for its
exclusive and original video content,

allowing producers of the videos to
showcase their talents
while keeping the rights to their own work.
Political Campaigns

Metacafe has over 40 million viewers worldwide

Able to control the direction and spread
Funny, emotional, or serious videos
More targets informed on the issues

Compared to

Research Target Publics
Guess what?
It's FREE.
Metacafe is a great site to use as entertainment for people while on a study break.
The use of other social media
Social Media Videos in PR
The attempt to be like YouTube...
The Producer Rewards Program
Metacafe paid video producers for their videos
The program was only per U.S. views
Once a video hit 200,000 views, achieved a rating of 3.00 or higher, and followed the copyrights of Metacafe, was awarded $5 for every 1,000 views
The program became a hit, & was featured on national TV, including a video called, "The Beer Launching Fridge" on the late show with David Letterman
E for Effort, right?
Quality over quantity
Entertainment-grade" content only
Dun, dun, duuuh
Unfortunately, the program was shut down due to loss in profit.
Facebook, Twitter, Embeded, StumbleUpon, Google+, and Reddit
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