Managing your Prezi Business team

This support page is about Prezi Next. If you’re looking for help with Prezi Classic, please click here.

Putting a team together? Prezi allows you to manage your team online through the admin console. If you’re an assigned team admin, you can add or remove team members and manage your team’s licenses.

Getting started with your team account

Sign in to your Prezi account online, then click Admin Console in the left sidebar of your dashboard. If you don’t see the Admin Console option, then you’re not a team admin.

Tip: Every team in Prezi must have at least one admin. You can check the name of your admin on your Account Settings page under the “Settings Overview” and “License” sections.

Managing licenses

On the main screen of your admin console, you can see and edit the status of your Prezi team licenses and the current members on your team.

Adding team members

You can invite other existing Prezi users to join your team by sending an invitation to the email address associated with their Prezi account. Simply, type the email address of the person you’d like to add to your team, then click Invite. You’ll then see a message that the invitation was sent, and the number of remaining licenses will automatically update.

After sending the invitation, the user’s membership status remains “pending” until it’s accepted. Admins can resend the invitation or remove the license at anytime.

Note: If you invite someone that is already part of a different team, you’ll see an error message. Notify the user and resend the invitation after they leave the other Prezi team.

Assigning and removing admin rights

To give admin rights to another team member, find the user you want to assign as an admin and click Make admin. If you’d like to take away administrative rights, click Remove as admin.

Note: Your team must have at least one admin. This means you cannot remove the last admin without assigning administrative rights to another user.

Tip: It’s helpful to have more than one admin on your team in case an admin is unavailable or out of the office.

Removing team members

Find the user you want to remove from your team and click Remove. You’ll see a pop-up giving you the option to transfer presentations from that member’s account to another team member.

Click on “Choose a team member” and select who you’d like to transfer the presentations to. Then, click Remove. Once you remove someone from the team, the number of available licenses will automatically update.

Support and purchasing more licenses

For additional questions, or to purchase more licenses for your team, contact us at You can also send us a message from the “Support” section of your admin console.

Tip: Our customer success team offers a series of videos and training sessions to help get your team up and running. Check out the Prezi Next Workshop to learn more.