Prezi Next release notes

This support page is about Prezi Next. If you’re looking for help with Prezi Classic, please click here.

Here you’ll find everything that’s new about Prezi Next, our presentation platform for Prezi Business. Learn more about it for Windows or Mac here. To view system requirements, please check out this article.

December 2017

Windows 1.6.16 and Mac 1.16.0

New: Our killer new stability improvements in Live Prezi now allows you to present seamlessly to an audience of up to 100 people, in real time, from anywhere in the world.

New: Speed kills, but not at Prezi. Now the loading and navigation of your presentations occur faster and smoother than ever before.

New: Create new presentations in the blink of an eye thanks to the blistering loading speed of your template chooser.

New: Coming up on crunch time? Then you’re in luck because our template previews now load faster than a cheetah with a Red Bull habit.

New: We’re all about unity, so make sure to take advantage of our consistency in playback across all of Prezi’s platforms.

New: We love updating our presentations as much as you do, which is why you can now enjoy significantly faster loading times in Prezi’s editor.

Fixed: Great news, Mac users! Your presentations automatically sync up now as soon as you open the app.

Fixed: You’re free to roam around the room again while presenting, Mac users. The app no longer crashes when you use Prezi Remote to dazzle your audience.

Fixed: We found a strange glitch that made it seem like your comments were overflowing. We set things right and now your comments looks as polished as they sound.

Fixed: The demo comment used to appear wonky in the “All comments” pop-up. We squashed the bug and the demo comment now aligns as straight as an arrow.

Fixed: Got present rights? Feel free to remove yourself from a shared presentation at any time.

Fixed: Seems a camera shy bug wasn’t letting users insert videos on Prezi’s overview page. We kicked that pesky primadonna off our set, and you can now add videos as you please.

Fixed: Fans of Chrome will be delighted to know that your browser no longer crashes when using Prezi’s color picker.

Fixed: The undoing and redoing of images and charts has been stabilized, so feel free to undo and redo like a guru.

Fixed: Fans of conversational presenting can breathe a sigh of relief. You can now exit a topic and return to your overview without the video you’ve inserted there automatically starting to play.

Fixed: Zooming out from your overview used to bounce your presentation back to the beginning. We took care of it and now your presentation can continue on without any annoying hiccups.

Fixed: Want to insert a video via desktop? You’ll be happy to know the progress indicator has been fixed and correctly displays the entire loading process.

Fixed: We hate clutter, which is why temporary objects are now removed whenever failed media inserts occur.

Fixed: Used to be you’d get stuck whenever you made a selection or were in multi-select mode. We rooted around, unglued that annoying bug from our system, and the selection process is now running as smoothly as it should.

November 2017

Windows 1.6.14 and Mac 1.14.0

New: Hey Mac users, we love old school cool as much as you do. There’s no time like the present, however, so we’re dropping our support for OS X 10.10 and focusing on OS X 10.11 and beyond.

New: Hear that, Plus and Premium users? You can now upload audio files to your topics and subtopics, which makes adding narration to your presentations a breeze. Did someone say “the perfect digital leave behind”?

Fixed: Found a bug that was camera shy and cut it from the picture. Now you can drag and drop videos and yell “Action!” like a Hollywood pro.

Fixed: Selected texts used to be deleted when you pressed Ctrl + Shift + X. We dug around and deleted the bug instead, leaving your texts as safe as can be.

Fixed: The canvas in our Instant Template Chooser used to render lower than usual. We straightened the bug out and your canvas now positions itself at exactly the right height.

November 2017

Windows 1.6.13 and Mac 1.13.0

New: We took a look under the hood and gave Prezi a tune-up. Take it for a spin and enjoy how smoothly our new performance and stability improvements drive.

Fixed: Put away your seat belts, Mac users. Crashes in the Detailed view are now a thing of the past.

Fixed: In a hurry, Mac users? Then you’ll be happy to know that Prezi no longer crashes when you quit before the saving process is done.

Fixed: Great news, Windows users. Your Portable presentations were put on a strict diet and no longer consume as much CPU.

November 2017

Windows 1.6.12 and Mac 1.12.0

New: Hey, Windows users. We’re all about unity at Prezi, which is why your message box now looks the same throughout the entire application.

Fixed: Windows users will notice that we stomped a bug that kept hex code values from remaining in the color picker.

Fixed: Mac users will be happy to know that your homescreen no longer appears in a smaller window like your login screen. It now renders as big and beautiful as your gear can handle.

Fixed: Pick a color, any color. We fixed a glitch that threw off the scrollbar in the color picker toolbar in our Windows app.

Fixed: Everyone knows pasting tables in Word or Excel can be a trying process. Especially when the characters in those tables have a mind of their own. Our crack squad decided to change those very same minds and the contrary characters now render as clean as you please.

Fixed: There were some lingering text editor bugs messing with the undo/redo function. We fixed that up so you can now undo/redo that voodoo to your heart’s content.

Fixed: Want to know who shared a presentation? Don’t bother hiring a detective. Find out who the culprit is by checking your share notification emails or Slack messages.

Fixed: Still haven’t decided on a title for your killer topic? No biggie. It’ll still be referred to correctly in the animation sidebar.

Improved: Our simple color selector now accepts capital letters. Just pick the color you want and ENTER ITS CODE..

Fixed: Used to be that the thumbnail didn’t behave when two users were editing the same chart. We squashed that pesky bug and your thumbnails are now as consistent as the balmy Bahamian weather.

Improved: Who doesn’t love a sweet looking layout? We know we do. Which is why we firmed things up in your co-edit and onboarding functions, as well as your Live prezi popups.

Improved: Feel like spicing up your presentation with a few links? We figured you might and made sure each and every one of them is underlined so they can stand out even more.

October 2017

Windows 1.6.10 and Mac 1.11.0

New: SSO fast and SSO simple. With Google SSO you can now connect your Google and Prezi Next account to access both with one easy login.

New: About to send out an SOS because you don’t have a Prezi account yet? How about trying SSO? You can now sign up for a free Basic Prezi Next account directly on the web, or with the Prezi Viewer mobile app, using your Google or Facebook credentials.

Fixed: Sometimes our comments were missing the mark. You might have noticed that comments made on objects inside custom topic covers appeared in the wrong place. We made sure they’re right on target by only allowing comments on the topic itself.

Fixed: A presentation saved is a presentation earned. The desktop app no longer fails when trying to save large presentations. Instead, you have the option to continue waiting for that large and in charge file to sync.

Fixed: Seems like a few wires were crossed between the collaborator and editor dialogue in the Windows app. We made the fix and now they display separately and splendidly.

Fixed: We had a bug with a bad character that needed some special attention. Turns out it was sabotaging the Windows app when downloading templates that contained special characters. Let’s just say it won't be coming back anytime soon.

Fixed: From time to time, analytics on the detailed view screen would randomly refresh when using the Mac app. After some careful analysis we diagnosed the bug.

Fixed: Lost in translation? In some cases, the Mac app was displaying a different language than the editor. Now they’re speaking the same language.

Fixed: A pesky bug threw a monkey wrench in our engine that made the Mac app crash during onboarding. With the turn of a screw we made sure that won’t happen again.

Fixed: Choosing a custom theme color used to set the rest of your palette to the default scheme. We painted over that bug and made it disappear with a quick stroke of the brush.

Fixed: Sprichst du Deutsch? If you answered “Ja” you’ll be happy to know that we fixed a bug that made German text display incorrectly. That bug is kaput.

Fixed: No need to check your glasses. We got a new pair of specs for the chart editor so it no longer looks blurry when using certain resolution settings.

Fixed: You may have noticed that the thumbnail text was a bit off when inserting charts using the desktop app. We located the bug and nailed it down to get the text inline.

September 2017

Windows 1.6.7 and Mac 1.10.0

New: That’s quite a figure. You can now visualize data by adding customizable charts to your presentation. Charts not only make your data dazzle, but also help engage your audience so your presentation stands out from the crowd. Data never looked so good.

New: What’s in your palette? You can now handpick five colors to create your very own customized theme. Simply brilliant.

New: The detailed view page now has analytics so you can get all the stats on your presentation in no time. Just click on the arrow next to the play button in your presentation’s thumbnail to get there.

New: All aboard! We added onboarding to the detailed view page to help show you the ropes and get you sailing full speed ahead.

Improved: We have the need, the need for speed. That’s why our Windows app now loads three seconds faster. Maverick would be proud.

Fixed: From time to time, a mischievous bug steered you off course while navigating in the editor. We put it in the brig and threw the key overboard.

Fixed: Animations were off a few beats in the onboarding presentation. We gave it a dance lesson and got it back in step.

Fixed: We read you loud and clear. Our message letting you know when Bluetooth hardware isn’t supported for the presentation remote is now crystal. Roger that.

Fixed: Sometimes our templates stopped short of fully downloading during an update. We quickly gave that bug the boot.

Fixed: A bug made some Mac users crash when trying to rename a presentation. We couldn’t figure out what to name the little bugger, so let’s just call it “fixed”.

Fixed: Windows users might have noticed a few extra links hanging around on the detailed view page of presentations they created offline. We hired a new bouncer to make sure they stay out.

Fixed: Clicking on a link while in presenter view sometimes caused the Mac app to freeze. Luckily, we froze that bug dead in its tracks.

August 2017

Windows 1.6.3 and Mac 1.9.1

New: Feel free as a bird with more control in navigation. You can now pan and freely zoom around your presentation, even at the same time.

Improved: Working on an unreliable network? Count on the desktop app to give you continuous editing without interruptions. So now when your network comes back, there’s no bumpy reloading but the feel of smooth, seamless editing.

Improved: If you update your templates in Mac, you’ll get only the templates you’re missing and not the whole shebang.

Fixed: Sometimes transparency isn’t a good thing. A bug caused objects to lose their opacity settings after being dragged and dropped onto a topic cover. That transpicuous bug won’t drag you down any longer.

Fixed: If you created a subtopic, you might’ve become disoriented by seeing the presentation’s overview instead of the original topic’s name in the left sidebar. We found that grizzly bug so there’s no losing your bearings when going deeper into your topic.

Fixed: In some cases in the Mac app, thumbnails on the dashboard were a no-show after they were updated on the web. They should all appear and be in sync.

July 2017

Windows 1.6.2 and Mac 1.8.0

New: Present with flying colors. With the new color picker, it’s easier than ever and with more colors than those lovely Pride rainbows. Just click the color wheel at the bottom of the palette where you add custom colors, and you’ll get a pop-up. It works on backgrounds, in text, topics, and anywhere else you can change colors.

New: Now Mac users can also edit the Get Started presentation. Just click the pencil icon and, well, get started.

Improved: It’s now easier to edit smaller text boxes, a special request from our users in Lilliput.

Fixed: Folks who experienced issues with exporting PDFs can now make bug free hard copies of their presentations.

Fixed: If you tried to reposition topics by quickly dragging and clicking or by nudging using the arrow keys, you might’ve run into some bugs. You can now move topics as the spirit moves you.

Fixed: Creating a share link from the options menu is once again possible when the editor is open.

Fixed: A bug in Windows took out some fonts while the app was updating. Those fonts realized the bug wasn’t really they’re type, so that bug is history.

Fixed: The login window sometimes appeared broken in the Mac app. We replaced the glass so you can now log in without issue.

Fixed: Mac users might have noticed a small glitch on the thumbnail when renaming presentation. You can rename as many times as you like, but please, no unpronounceable symbols.

Fixed: If you tried to set up multiple screens for presenter view, you might’ve come across placement issues in the Mac app. It’s all back in order.

Fixed: Mac users in German might notice we widened the Kopieren button found when sharing a presentation’s view link. We hope it encourages you to share your presentation widely.

Mac 1.71

Hotfix: A bug in Mac was having a blast.
Creating a share link sometimes made the app crash.
Yet our team was fast,
Which made the bug aghast,
And now that stingy stinker will stay in the trash.

June 2017

Windows 1.6.1 and Mac 1.7.0

New: Have an even more commanding presence when you present. Now you can control your presentation on the big screen using your mobile device as a remote. With such control, conversations become more meaningful, and there’s no audience you can’t handle.

New: Like the Get Started onboarding presentation? Windows users can now make it their own. Just click the pencil icon to edit and start.

Improved: You can now rename your presentation by clicking on its title. Now why didn’t we think of that before?

Improved: We’ve upgraded the engine on downloaded presentations, aka portable presentations, so now your presentation will purrform even better.

Fixed: While our Windows mechanics were under the hood of the portable presentations, they fixed a back arrow that wasn’t working properly and added some juice to make loading faster. We’re in it to win it!

Fixed: Breaking up can be hard to do. Deleting a presentation sometimes caused the Mac app to crash. Chocolate ice cream made it all better.

Fixed: If you’re a Mac user with an expired license, you might not have seen the renewal button. A bug was hiding it, so we told him to bugger off. You should now be able to renew your license from your account settings.

Windows and Mac 1.6.1

Hotfix: There were some pesky knots when adjusting the lines that form connectors in your presentation’s structure. We untangled the web and got rid of the bug.

Hotfix: Some Windows users experienced a blinking navigation bar in downloaded (portable) presentations. We fixed this in a blink of an eye.

Windows and Mac 1.6.0

New: Eager beavers who download the app before getting an account can now sign up from the login page and get straight to building an amazing presentation in no time.

Improved: In case you might think something’s gone missing in a downloaded presentation, we added a spinner icon on the navigation bar to show media such as images or video is still being loaded. We hope it puts you at ease.

Improved: If new templates are available, they’ll be downloaded. Your action is no longer needed to get these gems.

Fixed: Let’s just say customizing colors appeared to be hexed, causing the hexadecimal color code field to disappear. Our resident wizard added a Puli cord, a drop of pálinka, a thump from a Racka horn, and a lot of Prezi magic, so those spells should be long gone.

Fixed: Folks viewing a presentation with video using the desktop app or Safari might have noticed the YouTube player blocked their view when maximized. We played that bug out, and while we were under the hood, we took care of a bug that inserted videos in the wrong position, so your presentations will always stay at the pole position.

Fixed: Some lines were crossed (and resized) when adding lines and arrows to topic covers. We put all operations back in line, so editing topic covers is working smoothly.

Fixed: We x-ed out the bug that appeared when copying and pasting text into other text boxes.

Fixed: Users who tried to insert RIFF format images might have experienced issues editing their presentation. These images aren’t supported so you’ll now get an error if you try to add them. Click here to see which formats are supported.

Fixed: There were some instances in Mac where creating a share link caused the app to crash. It’s fixed, so dare to share your awesome presentations.

Fixed: Adding a presentation to a folder sometimes caused the Mac app to crash. We forced that bug to fold.

Fixed: There was a bug in autoplay on downloaded presentations for Mac. We pressed the stop button on that bug.

Fixed: Mac users new to the app might have had a syncing issue with the onboarding presentation.

May 2017

Windows 1.6.0 and Mac 1.5.4

New: Contemplating a new presentation? We’ve updated the default templates, so go ahead, start creating that amazing conversational presentation.

New: Can’t find the presentation you’re looking for? We’ve got your bases covered. We’ll now give you a link to directly search in Prezi Classic (and vice versa if you’re searching in Prezi Classic and want to look in Prezi next).

Improved: Get a load of this! We’ve added an indicator so you can see the progress of a video being uploaded to your presentation.

Improved: We’ve made a few tweaks under the hood so editing text works better than ever. Write on!

Fixed: Some ad blockers forced the editor into offline mode. We blocked that bug instead.

Fixed: There were a few cases where thumbnails in the left sidebar wouldn’t appear in the editor. We found them hitchhiking and convinced them to return, so you’ll see your presentation’s path as normal.

Fixed: Some folks might’ve experienced a jump back to the dashboard while in detailed view when the app was syncing. Now the only jump should be on your next big presentation win.

Fixed: Logging into the app with Arabic should now work.

Fixed: The mouse cursor sometimes disappeared while viewing a downloaded presentation on Mac. Some cheese took care of that.

Fixed: The detailed view might have crashed for some Mac users. That bug was easily tailed off.

April 2017

Windows and Mac 1.5.1

New: Annyeong and konnichiwa! We’ve added Korean and Japanese fonts to the font selector. To get them, just edit the text and look for the fonts to tell your story in two more languages. 아싸! and やった!

Fixed: There was a bug that made topics with overlapping content difficult to click. That bug just didn’t stick.

Fixed: Sometimes inserting a topic would delete the undo (CTRL/CMD + Z) history. This meant that folks couldn’t undo an action because the history was deleted. We deleted that bug instead.

Fixed: Some copy elements like buttons and labels in the editor, well, got lost in translation. They’re now there in their respective languages. Gracias, merci, Danke, and obrigado for bearing with us.

Fixed: There were some minor issues with the Mac editor that caused crashes. We attached some rubber bumpers so there should be fewer crashes and more fun.

Windows and Mac 1.5.0

New: You’ll now get a single, detailed view that includes a presentation’s full options and a list of its collaborators. Just rollover a presentation’s thumbnail and click on the arrow next to the play button. It’s all in the details.

Improved: If you’re in the dark on which icons or symbols to use, we’re shedding some light with this release. We’ve categorized our icons and symbols to fit light or dark presentations. Now you’ll just have to choose from our hundreds of symbols and icons.

Fixed: Some folks may have noticed the mouse cursor wouldn’t disappear when presenting. We adopted a big cat, so this shouldn’t be a pest any longer.

Fixed: Images could not be dragged outside of topic covers once inserted. We yanked that bug off the covers, so they can be edited like normal.

Fixed: If you tried presenting with the play button from the thumbnail, you might have seen the taskbar. A task for this release was to make it go away, and it did.

Fixed: New users might have noticed that adding topics and subtopics didn’t always work in the onboarding presentation. Prezi pirates forced that bug to walk the plank, so your onboarding time should be smooth sailing.

Fixed: Some Windows users might not have seen updated comments until making a new comment. We shut that bug up.

March 2017

Windows and Mac 1.4.0

New: Unlike books, topics are judged by their covers. Luckily, you can now easily edit them from the overview. Just add an object by dragging and dropping it directly onto the topic cover. Plus, if you want to edit an object on your topic cover, simply click on it.

New: Looking for ... the options menu ? Those three dots are no longer like pauses or words left unsaid but have become three lines, aka, the hamburger menu icon. The options (hamburger) menu can now be found by rolling over any presentation's thumbnail. We’ve made it easier to edit and present from there, too. (Fries not included.)

New: For folks who like to give handouts or leave behind reminders, you can now make a PDF of your presentation. Find it in the options menu.

New: Mac users who like to stay on top of things can find out what’s new and keyboard shortcuts in the “Help” menu.

Improved: Downloaded presentations, what we call portable prezis, have an improved engine for better autoplay. Go on, take it for a spin.

Improved: More freedom while presenting and editing. You can now freely zoom into and around topics and objects. Just position your cursor and scroll to zoom in and out. If you’re close to an object, it’ll intuitively “snap” into place. Voilà!

Improved: If you’re using presenter view, you’ll now be guided to set up your two screens, so your audience sees your presentation and not your notes.

Fixed: There were some issues with copy and paste. Those bugs won’t stick around.

Fixed: Deleting an open presentation sometimes caused the app to crash on Macs. You can now get rid of unneeded presentations without any noise.

Fixed: In the Mac app, the options menu showed actions that weren’t available on presentations not yet downloaded. When a user tried to, for example, make a copy, the app crashed. We 86ed that bug from the menu.

Fixed: Some Windows users might have experienced issues when trying to download for presentation. Your portable presentations will now be exported without added taxing.

February 2017

Windows and Mac 1.3.0

New: We’ve got presents for presenters. You can now add memos to presenter notes and take advantage of the new presenter view. These two great features will help you and your message have a commanding presence.

New: Now you can insert stack or planet subtopics to any planet topic. So you could add subtopics to your subtopics and make sub-subtopics. However you say it, you can now structure to dig deeper into a topic and expand your stories. Now that’s a profound addition.

New: Using the BACKSPACE key will enable users to go out a level while presenting in the app. This means you can jump from inside a topic back to your overview with the click of a button.

New: If you hadn’t already updated your templates, you’ll get them all in this release. Learn how to use templates as a great gate to conversate with your audience. Rhymes not included.

Fixed: There was a pesky bug that caused thumbnails to go missing after a template update was canceled. While we don’t suggest you cancel template updates (you’d be missing out on awesome additions), if you do, that bug won’t be around.

Fixed: If a user rearranged pages in a stack topic, the title of the topic cover didn’t change accordingly even when set to automatic. Not sure what this means? Read more about topics and editing your topic cover so you can make your presentation an even hotter topic.

Fixed: We did some façade work and minor maintenance on the PowerPoint import feature. If you haven’t tried to import your favorite deck and make it more exciting, here’s how.

Fixed: There was a bug that liked to keep the context menu and comments window open, even after zooming in or out. We shut that bug out.

Fixed: Updating style presets sometimes caused mix ups. It’s fixed now so that bug won’t cramp your style anymore.

Fixed: If you tried to change the privacy on a presentation while it was still syncing, it might’ve crashed. We crushed this bug.

Fixed: There were localization issues in German and French while sharing a presentation. They’ve been behoben and corrigés.

Fixed: On Windows 7, scrolling with a mouse didn’t zoom. We added some cheese on the wheel so the mouse is up and running.

January 2017

Windows and Mac 1.2.1

New: You can now share your presentation using the online dashboard. Click here to check it out.

New: Word up! We’ve added new keyboard shortcuts so you can delete word-by-word: CTRL+BACKSPACE for Windows and ALT+BACKSPACE for Mac.

New: Changing your presentation’s background has never been easier. You can now edit the background directly from the context toolbar on the overview. So if you’ve got that daunting new canvas, you now have a hint on where to start.

New: If you copy a section of text and paste it into a new text box, the text style will be kept. That means you can create and edit faster and more conveniently.

Improved: We try to stay above the curve. Now when you click a subtopic in a planet topic, the subtopic curve will also be selected to remind users that the placement of subtopics can be adjusted.

Improved: The dashboard was modified in Windows to load and display presentations a lot faster. Now you can be even quicker on the draw giving your presentation.

Improved: We refined the process of updating the Windows application, so it’s better at handling errors and more informative with these enjoyable release notes.

Fixed: Some buttons, well, didn’t have all their buttons. The “Back” button was hiding behind the the navigation bar, the arrow buttons didn’t cooperate when editing text in comments, and the “Done” button only wanted to show English when customing topic covers. All mended.

Fixed: In some templates the cursor got bigger in text-editing mode when a line was empty. While it didn’t affect text or editing, we deserted that bug in the desert.

Fixed: If a user clicked to edit text after editing other text, the text was only selected. It now works and goes directly to text edit mode. On that note, how much text could a Texan text, if a Texan could text text?

Fixed: Zoom responsibly. When you copy and paste topics on the overview, the overview will zoom out so the new topics won’t go offscreen. Also, if you copy and paste a topic with a video, there won’t be that extra zoom to the video.

Fixed: Tried to give more than one Live Prezi presentation at the same time but it didn’t work? Well, it’s working now.

Fixed: Some users experienced difficulties copying and pasting while setting up Live Prezi. That bug will no longer force you to type every single letter so you’ll have fewer chances for errrs.

Fixed: We’ve fixed the formatting for the mini support articles. If you need a quick how-to, click that bright sea green “Need help?” tab in the lower right corner of your editor.

Fixed: There were some issues such as resizing and random zooms in our onboarding experience for new users. All are under control, so all aboard! We hope you enjoy your Prezi experience.

Fixed: If your license is automatically renewed, you won’t have the expiration date haunting you.

Fixed: There was an issue in Mac that saved user settings locally, causing confusion for users working on multiple machines. So if you’ve had to accept new terms of agreement twice, for example, this was why.

Fixed: A slow network request sometimes resulted in issues with logging in with Mac. Some users would get the login screen when they were already signed in, and others were signed in without entering a password. We logged that bug out.


Hot fix: We did a quick release to take care of an issue that could prevent the user from launching the application from a shortcut after update. Sorry, ‘bout that!

December 2016

Windows and Mac 1.2.0

New: What’s next? Prezi Next! Prezi Business is powered by our newly named app, Prezi Next. As we work hard to introduce new features and bring the best user experience, we thought an updated name would be fitting. Current users will get the same great experience but with a shinier name.

New: They’re heeere! Just in time for the holidays (and those fun year-end reports), we’re releasing new templates. If you don’t see them, read this article to update.

New: While we don’t have leis or pálinka to welcome new users, we now have a special onboarding experience to tour the editor. Welcome, aloha, and sziasztok!

New: Do you like to move it? Now you can use your arrows to nudge selected objects. If you want to move a little more, just hold down SHIFT and use your arrow keys. Check out more shortcuts here.

New: If you change your mind on an image, you can now easily replace it and keep its original size and position. Just right-click on that image and select Replace image... in the context toolbar.

New: Users will now get a notification when their license is about to expire. So fugetaboutit!, and we’ll remind you when the time comes.

Improved: Topic thumbnails are generated quicker for editing performance that gets two thumbs up.

Improved: Updating you on your update. The progress bar is now updated more frequently while downloading templates.

Fixed: Make room! We sorted the space in names of tagged users in comments and took care of the issue with pasting in the comment box.

Fixed: If you clicked inside a text placeholder and clicked away, the box would do a disappearing act. We shot the bug out of a cannon far, far away.

Fixed: Clicking white in the color chooser selected multiple white circles. They’re now restricted to going one at a time.

Fixed: There was a bug that updated the font selector and style presets even if the placeholder was empty. We reset it.

Fixed: There was a bug in Windows that caused saving issues when closing the app. Now you can safely save.

Fixed: The Windows app sometimes crashed if it was syncing while logging out. That bug is now out of sync.

Fixed: Sometimes the app would shortly freeze in Windows while loading your presentations. We burned that bug.

Fixed: Fit and trim. If the date of when your presentation was last edited appears too long in Windows, we trim it.

Fixed: There were some download issues while exporting portable presentations in Mac. That bug hit a dead end.

November 2016

Windows and Mac 1.1.0

New: Freedom of choice. You can now set the privacy of your presentation and choose who you want to see it. Keep it exclusive with a select audience or make it public and discoverable to the world. Just click the three dots under the presentation’s thumbnail and go to “Set Privacy.”

New: If your presentation is set to public, you'll see a label on its thumbnail reminding you it's discoverable to the world. No second looks required: the world can see it.

New: Two birds. One stone. You can now select multiple topics on the overview to resize and/or move them. Just hold the SHIFT key and select the topics you want to adjust.

New: You can now change style presets for shapes. Just right-click on a shape and select “Update style preset” in the context menu. Then set the color, border thickness and color, and transparency. Your preset will then appear in the drop down property menu. In case you were wondering, you can also set styles for text, topics, lines, and arrows. Oh my!

Fixed: There was an issue causing viewers to get stuck during a Live Prezi session. We took care of it, so if you haven't used this feature, now’s the time to give it a go.

Fixed: Subtopics did not always rotate with their topics. We now have them under our thumb, so they should be rotating together.

Fixed: If you kept the app idle for a long time, thumbnails would appear empty. We nailed the images back up so they should stay put, even if you take an extra long lunch break.

Fixed: There were some issues with manually updating the app on Windows. Closed.

Fixed: There were a few bugs with using folders on Mac. They got the knife.

Windows and Mac 1.0.20

Hot fix: Presentations with short connectors between weren’t loading. This quick fix took care of that bug.

Windows and Mac 1.0.19

Improved: We made portable presentations even smaller if no media files are included in the presentation. That means better performance for your amazing presentation. Yep, great things come in small packages.

Improved: When you hold ALT (CMD for Mac) on an object’s control point, your cursor will become a rotation icon. Now you can easily make your objects go ‘round (and ‘round). With presentations that zoom and rotate created in Prezi Business, from the beginning, you’ll always end up winning.

Fixed: Sometimes automatic works too well. In portable presentations, the navigation bar wasn’t properly auto-hiding when going into fullscreen, and autoplay sometimes interrupted playing videos. Those autopilots were grounded.

Fixed: There were some issues with copy and paste. Text copied from PowerPoint resulted in text and a screenshot of the text pasted into the editor while images copied from browsers resulted in text and the URL of the image being pasted. We’ve CTRL/CMD+Xed (cut) those bugs out with this release.

Fixed: If the cursor was at the beginning of a line of text in a bulleted list, the backspace button wouldn’t work. Also, font selection didn’t work with multiply selected text. We’ve encouraged them all to cooperate, so the issues have been resolved.

Fixed: Stage fright? If you inserted a PDF with multiple pages, sometimes you would see only one of the pages. Now all pages will appear and be ready to take center stage when you need them.

Fixed: The command “Send to front” wasn’t working properly while collaborating on a presentation. We sent that bug to the back door.

Fixed: Some Windows users would get sizing issues with the presentation awkwardly positioned when opening the editor. We resolved this issue.

Fixed: We made downloading large files on slower connections better on Windows.

Fixed: There were some bugs in portable presentations caused by macOS Sierra’s security restrictions. We repackaged the exported presentations and made them better than ever, just in time for the end of the year.

Fixed: Waking up isn’t always easy. Sometimes the app would crash on Mac after coming back from sleep mode. Only a few sprinkles of Prezi magic, and those bugs are the ones sleeping for a hundred years.

Windows and Mac 1.0.18

Hotfix: Animations weren’t working properly on multiply selected objects. We resolved the issue and made the feature more stable.

October 2016

Windows and Mac 1.0.17

New: We’ve updated our Terms of Service. You can read them in full here.

New: Got a great video? Want to show more of your product? You can now add your own MP4 videos to your presentation. To learn how, check out this quick read. Now you can even become a Prezi star.

New: Buttons for Live Prezi, share features, and collaborating features will be disabled when the editor is offline. So if you can’t use these features, don’t push the panic button, just check your Internet connection.

Improved: We’ve made some user experience enhancements to our editing features. The upload button is disable when a background image is being uploaded, and in animations, you’ll be able to zoom out only if you’ve zoomed in to something. Makes sense, huh?

Improved: We’ve polished the design in collaborator screen, so everything’s nice and shiny when guests come over to your presentation.

Fixed: There was an issue with crossfade between stack topics. We’ve faded that bug to black.

Fixed: Before, changing style presets included font size. This became rather annoying when zooming in since it didn’t always translate well into the context. We nixed it so now preset styles will not adjust the font size.

Fixed: When a user selected multiple lines and arrows for copy and paste, endpoints sometimes disappeared. We worked our magic and made sure they reappear and stay.

Fixed: In Windows, there were a few bug wrinkles in exporting a presentation. We’ve flattened them out, so your portable presentations are as snazzy as ever.

Fixed: In Mac, there were some issues with the share pop-up causing crashes in contact suggestions. Those bugs were crushed.

Windows and Mac 1.0.16

Fixed: There was an issue that sometimes led to content getting misplaced in downloaded presentations, aka portable presentations. It’s taken care of, so now you can download knowing all your content will travel safely together wherever you take, send, or present your portable presentation.

Windows and Mac 1.0.15

Hotfix: There was an issue with exporting presentations using macOS Sierra. We moved that mountain, and now users can create portable presentations as normal.

Windows and Mac 1.0.14

New: First time user and not sure how or where to start? We’re here to give you a boost with a presentation that will show you around the app and give you a glance at some of the cool features that’ll help put your presentation to work for you. Go on, jump in and click around. Once you’re ready and start your own presentation, you’ll also get tips in the editor.

Improved: Before, users with commenting rights could make comments only on topics. Now comments can be made on objects, too. Just right-click to add your comment, compliment, or if you’re feeling “cutting-edge,” a haiku. We’ve even added a nice title on the menu.

Fixed: There were some issues related to closing and saving while co-editors were working on the same presentation. We’ve shut the door on these bugs.

Fixed: Deep links took a dive, but we brought them back to the comments feature, so they’re working again.

Fixed: There was a bug that made comments were visible for presenters during a Live Prezi session. We’ve made sure they stay hidden so they don’t distract from your incredible presentation.

Fixed: There were some issues with losing content during the uploading process. We’ve solved this so your content should make its way without any interferences.

September 2016

Mac 1.0.13

Hotfix: You can download presentations even if there are some media assets missing.

Hotfix: There were some frequent logout errors when using the app. We’ve solved these issues, so logging out should be smoother.

Windows and Mac 1.0.12

Improved: Sweep your viewers off their feet in one go. You can now add fade-in and fade-out animations to multiply selected objects for a greater effect. If you haven’t tried using animations, now’s the time.

Improved: Now you can zoom out a step while editing. We’ve added an arrow that allows you to go back a step more easily while editing instead of scrolling, clicking on the topic summary, or going home to your overview. Find it in the lower left corner and get a look at the bigger picture.

Improved: There’s better stability while collaborating on a presentation when the network connection isn’t very reliable. Collaborators joining and editing a presentation will still be able to see where everyone is, so you can lean on us while co-editing, even when your connection isn’t strong.

Improved: Owners and editors of a presentation can now change a collaborator’s permissions when using a Mac.

Windows and Mac 1.0.11

New: Privacy is king, and now you’re the boss. All new presentations now default to “private” so you can decide exactly who sees them.

New: Empower your collaborators or limit their access. There are now more options to give collaborators: edit, present, or comment on your presentation.

New: Collaborators can remove themselves from a presentation if they don’t want to be included in the fun. Party poopers!

New: Who goes there? Now you can decide if you want new viewers of your presentation to identify themselves when sharing your presentation.

New: Want someone’s feedback? Just mention a user in a comment, and that user will be tagged, given rights to comment, and notified.

New: Users with commenting rights can preview a presentation to see all comments, reply to them, and even create new comment threads on any topic.

Improved: Call it what you want. Now when you copy a presentation using a Mac, you can rename the new version to avoid any confusion.

Improved: Creating presentations is now smoother and faster. No banned substances were used in the making of these performance enhancements.

Improved: Move aside, please. Comments now scroll down to make room for new ones, making it easier to follow conversation threads.

Fixed: There were two bugs in the comments feature. One didn’t allow comments to be copied, and the other didn’t allow some users with non-English keyboards on Windows to tag others in the comments. Two birds. One stone. So CTRL/CMD+C, tag, and comment your heart out.

Fixed: Entering full screen did not always work with certain Macs. Now everyone using a Mac can view a presentation in full screen.

Fixed: Sometimes presentations shared through the team folder couldn’t be presented.

August 2016

Windows and Mac 1.0.10

New: You can now see who’s co-editing a presentation and where the user is in the presentation. You’ll also see how many total collaborators a presentation has. If you haven’t checked out the collaborative features in Prezi Business, try and you’ll soon see how many hands make light work.

New: If you create it, they will come. If not, send your presentation’s link. Adding collaborators and sharing your presentation as a view-only or analytics link from the options menu is now possible. If you change your mind, you can always revoke access by deleting the link, and if you want, you can even keep the data.

Improved: Our comments feature was a little off while users were offline. Comments couldn’t be added, edited, or deleted although the user interface elements showed differently. We disabled these elements while offline and now advise users that comment features can be used only while online. While we were at it, we nixed the ugly characters around names, so when you’re tagged in a comment, your name stands out and gets an honorable mention.

Improved: If you’re collaborating on a presentation using a Mac and go offline and back on again, the editor will reload, and you’ll be able to continue editing.

Improved: Not everyone found snapping, which connects lines and arrows to objects, very helpful. Now it can be overridden using the CTRL key (CMD in Mac). Just don’t tell Crackle or Pop.

Improved: Text copied from one stack topic and pasted into another will keep its position.

Improved: Some users ran into issues setting topic border colors because the thickness was set to “0.” We wanted to be the hero, so now you can set the border color regardless and a minimal border will be added.

Improved: When moving the cursor with the arrow keys in a text box, the cursor will stop blinking for better visibility.

Improved: Some of us are control freaks. The great thing is that resizing objects are now easier to drag and control, so we’re all happy and don’t have to freak out. C’est chic!

Improved: There’s even faster feedback on the template chooser with the first click. We’ve also made offline behavior better than ever.

Fixed: There was a bug that caused the presentation to accidentally zoom out to the overview while pasting. Now you’ll stay glued to where you are in the presentation until you decide to move.

Fixed: The Mac app sometimes crashed while logging the updating process. It’s now smooth and stable.

Mac 1.0.8 and 1.0.9

Hotfix: We released a quick fix for some bugs that caused the app to crash after opening.

Windows 1.4 and Mac 1.0.7

New: You can’t always be connected, but the great news is that now you can create and edit your presentations even while you’re offline. Make presentations anytime, anywhere.

New: Now you can feel even more centered while editing your presentation. Hold down the CTRL key (ALT in Mac) while resizing an object to adjust its size from the center.

Improved: Deleted comments will now be shown in a sweetly condensed format.

Improved: We’ve given visible images priority so the overview will load faster so you won’t be furious waiting.

Improved: If nothing is selected in the editor, the toolbar of the current topic will be shown for easier usability. Get to know the editor here.

Fixed: There was a bug with the yellow dots when resolving comments in a thread. When you resolve all comment threads, the yellow dot will disappear from the comment menu button. So now there’s no yellow light to slow you down.

Fixed: If a presenter didn’t know to push the ESC key after giving a presentation with Live Prezi in full screen, there was a feeling of feeling trapped. Now Live Prezi will automatically exit full screen once the session is over. While we were at it, we also made sure Live Prezi connection is more reliable. Ah, freedom.

Fixed: Copy and pasting images while they were loading led to broken images. We’ve fixed this and all copies of the images, so that bug is now out of the picture.

Fixed: In Windows, the app will not try to send logs while offline.

July 2016

Windows 1.3.08 and Mac 1.0.6

New: Editors of a presentation can tag users with a “@” symbol in the comment box and that user will get a notification. Any user that is not already an editor of the presentation will automatically be added. Now you won’t have to track people down to talk about your presentation, just tag them.

New: You can adjust comment notifications for Slack in the settings page.

Improved: We’ve upgraded the look of error messages in the comment popup and menu.

Improved: Creating and editing your presentation is even more convenient. We’ve added snapping to multiply-selected objects and control points to help resize shapes. We’ve also made sure that objects stay connected when you move connectors, so nothing’s left behind.

Improved: Presentations exported for presentation, aka portable presentations, now use the upgraded 4.1 engine for both Windows and Mac. Not sure what a portable presentation is? Check out this article.

Improved: The Windows app will ask users who export presentations for presentation to update their application, if needed, to make sure the presentation can be exported optimally and is supported.

Fixed: There was a bug that sometimes made a mouse unusable in presentation. We trapped that bug and took care of it, so your mouse will work freely.

Fixed: There were some bugs when selecting and editing text.

Fixed: There were some minor wrinkles with connection in Live Prezi, but they’ve been ironed out.

Windows and Mac 1.0.5

New: Collaboration is even more effective with added features to our commenting feature. Users involved in a comment thread will also get an email when comments are resolved. If you’ve added Slack integration, you’ll also get notifications when comments are made to a presentation you’re collaborating on.

New: We’re deeply happy to announce we’ve added deep linking, which takes you directly to the object a comment was made. Finally, there’ll be a notification if there are any unresolved comments in subtopics. With such great collaborating features, you’ll always be in the loop.

New: Prezi Business is now compatible with macOS Sierra.

New: Connectors will now snap at 0, 45, and 90 degrees giving you better precision. We’ve also added snapping to give you more control while editing text and resizing object. Snap, clap, and make great connections in Prezi Business.

New: You can now access your dashboard featuring all your presentations directly from your editor. Just go to Window in the top toolbar. Voilà!

Improved: We’ve added tools to highlight objects and buttons in the commenting feature, so you’ll see exactly where comments were made.

Improved: Presentations will now load faster when viewed in the web so there’s less waiting for your story to be told.

Improved: Live Prezi is more stable. Have you tried giving a live presentation yet? If not, click here to learn how to get started.

Improved: Customizing topic covers is even simpler. If you have a single object on the cover, it will automatically be selected when you choose to edit the cover content. If you haven’t tried editing your topic covers, then you haven’t yet covered all the bases of Prezi Business. Learn more here.

Fixed: The Mac app sometimes crashed when removing a collaborator. It now works smoothly.

Fixed: There was a bug that caused the editor to not register mouse clicks, but you can now click, click, click away.

Fixed: Sometimes clicking on a menu item changed focus. We’ve cleaned the Windows app and everything should be crystal clear.

Fixed: Your keystrokes won’t get lost anymore because we’ve fixed shortcuts.

June 2016

Windows and Mac 1.0.3

Prezi Business is our latest generation presentation platform built on HTML5 technology, which gives you a consistent, high resolution, and smooth experience for your conversational presentation needs. The app takes off with a great boom and these following features:

  • Analytics: Never wonder again if a client has viewed your presentation. See if a link’s been viewed, how long it’s been viewed, and what parts of your presentation received the most or least attention. The company leaderboard also tells how you and your presentations are performing within your team. Get an overview of Prezi Analytics here.
  • Cloud storage: Access, present, and share your presentations anywhere, anytime.
  • Collaborate: Working on team projects has never been so easy. Work with users from your team for seamless collaboration.
  • Comment: Make comments directly on the presentation and get direct feedback without the guesswork.
  • Live Prezi: Present your presentation to anyone, anywhere with a live link. You can have up to 30 people in a live presentation in your own virtual meeting room. You can even set up a special code for limited access.
  • Presenting in HD: Give presentations in high definition quality. Presentations have never looked better.
  • Slack Integration: Got Slack? Get immediate notifications on comments and analytics for individual presentations.