This support page is about Prezi Next. If you’re looking for help with Prezi Classic, please click here.

Adding and editing text

Learn how to add and edit text here, and make your great presentation go far beyond words.

Adding and editing images

Got great images? Add them to your presentation to make it shine. Find out all you need to know about images, here.

Structuring in Prezi Next

You have some great ideas, now it’s time to plan them out. Use structures in Prezi Next to organize your information and create memorable presentations. Learn all about structuring with this article.

Using animations

Some call it the "Prezi Next effect" but we call it animations. Check this out to learn how you can fade and zoom to make your presentation more memorable with animations.

Using the context menu

The context menu gives you quick access to some of the most useful commands while editing. To access it, hold CTRL+click or simply right-click. Read more to see what you can do.

Importing your PowerPoint file

Time to make the switch and give your presentation some pizzazz. Import them directly into Prezi Next. Learn how easy it is right here.

Using lines and arrows

Lines and arrows add an element of design to your presentation. You can use them to direct attention or make a connection. Learn more here.

Using zoom

Hone in on details, give context, and reveal details. Learn how to make zoom work for your presentation.

Editing topic and subtopic covers

Want to change the cover of your topic or planet subtopic? Add images, text, color, and borders. Learn more and make your topics more visually appealing.

Adding video

Videos can help narrate your story and improve your audience's experience. Read this to learn how easy it is to add your own video or a YouTube link in Prezi Next.

Editing topics, subtopics, and pages

Topics and subtopics help you arrange your information into a meaningful presentation. The way they look will help your presentation be more memorable. Check this out for ways to edit them.

Adding a background image

Background images can help set the mood for your audience. Read this to learn how to add one and make your presentation that much more impressive.

Changing background color

Color can set the mood for your viewers. Use it as a metaphor or to match your brand. Learn how to edit your background color, here.

Changing the order of topics and subtopics

Want to reorganize your talking points? Read this to learn how to change the order of your topics and subtopics. It's as simple as drag and drop.

Updating templates

Prezi Next templates comes packed with a variety of customizable designer templates. We update them automatically, so all you have to do is choose one.

How do I insert a PDF?

Have a PDF to add? We have you covered. Prezi Next allows you to insert PDF files right into your presentation. Learn how in this article.

Creating a new presentation

Ready to start a new Prezi Next presentation? Luckily, it’s just a few clicks away. See how easy it is with this article.

Adding topics, subtopics, and pages

Need more space for your content? Add topics, subtopics, and pages to your presentation’s structure to make room for your big ideas. Learn how with this article.

Deleting topics and subtopics

Need to clean up your canvas? Delete topics, subtopics, and pages from your presentation’s structure. Learn how with this article.

Inserting Charts in Prezi Next

Create presentations that are off the charts with data visualization in Prezi Next. Learn how to get started using charts with this article.

Customizing charts

Want charts that make your data shine? Edit and customize the way your data is visualized to better convey your message. Read more here.

Inserting a link in Prezi Next

Want to link to a website, blog, video, or anywhere on the Web straight from your Prezi Next presentation? Good news, it's just a few simple steps.

How to rotate in Prezi Next

Want to rotate your text, images, or other objects on your canvas? Then this article is for you. Read more here.

Adding audio in Prezi Next

Looking to add some sound to your presentation? Whether it's a voice over, sound effect, or groovy theme music, we have you covered. Find out how here.

Choosing the right chart type

Want to know which chart type is the best fit for visualizing your data? This article will help you find just the right one. Read more here.

Copy and pasting in Prezi Next

Copy and paste isn't just a quick way to fill in a report, it's also an easy method to reuse, move, and duplicate content in Prezi Next. Learn how to do it with this article.

Editing topic connectors

Connectors show the flow and structure of your presentation by linking the topics on your overview. See how to edit and modify them here.

Adding and editing shapes

Need to get your presentation in shape? Learn how to add and edit shapes to your canvas with this article.

Supported files

Want to know what files Prezi Next supports? Find them here.

Renaming a presentation

Got a few copies of the same presentation? Read this to learn how to rename it.

Keyboard shortcuts

Learn these handy shortcuts to make your editing and presenting experience smooth and efficient.

Using Korean and Japanese fonts in Prezi Next

Need Korean or Japanese fonts for your presentation? No sweat. Prezi Next supports fonts in both languages. Learn how to use them here.

Creating a custom starting point

Adding a custom starting point lets you choose the specific place in your canvas where your presentation begins.