Following the prospect to close business

Like many long-established businesses, Liberty Mutual Benefits had done most of their presenting with slide-based tools like PowerPoint. But Shawn Austin, the company’s SVP of Distribution, wanted something with more flexibility and visual pull than the linear norm. He wanted a platform that would help the sales team earn — and keep — the attention of their prospects. After testing a couple different options, Prezi was ultimately chosen.

You can’t predict, but you can prepare

Any experienced salesperson will tell you that you that no matter the topic or amount of practice you invest in a presentations, there’s still a fair chance you’ll fail to engage your prospects. Meetings tend to take unexpected turns, and without being able to read minds, keeping up can be challenging.

"You can have a grand plan and a mapped route, but your prospect is going to want to lead the meeting”

Shawn Austin SVP, Distribution, Liberty Mutual

“You can have a grand plan and a mapped route, but your prospect is going to want to lead the meeting,” explained Shawn. “Slides are too linear to enable this. Whenever a prospect wants to go back to a topic or a point, you have to flip through everything you’ve gone through already. It’s not a great experience.”

After introducing Prezi at their annual sales services conference, the Liberty Mutual Benefits sales team immediately saw the benefits of non-linear presenting. By being able to present in any order, pitches became conversational, and reps were essentially prepared for anything. “Meetings don’t always go in the sequence you’ve planned for,” said senior consultant Ben LaBathe. “Prezi’s ability to allow audiences to drive the presentation takes that problem out of the equation.”

Ben also utilized Prezi’s analytics feature to get an idea of what his audience was interested in before the meeting. “Often the client will take a peek at the presentation before the meeting. I use Prezi analytics to understand where they’re spending their time, so I can prepare for meetings accordingly.”

Excite your prospects and your sales team

In addition to lending the company’s content a new level of adaptability, Shawn noted the team’s renewed enthusiasm. “It can be difficult to excite veteran reps, but Prezi’s definitely made a difference,” he said. “Reps feel good about presenting in Prezi because their content looks slick and professional, and being able to present in different ways without needing to spend additional hours on the content is amazing.”