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Human beings draw close to one another by their common natur

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on 23 December 2013

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Transcript of Human beings draw close to one another by their common natur

Human beings draw close to one another by their common nature, but habits and customs keep them apart.
Our most basic common link is that we all inhabit this planet.
Princess Diana's death
an English princess
an Egyptian boyfriend
a French tunnel
a German car
Scottish whisky
Italian Paparazzi
sent by a Canadian
Bill Gates's technology
a Taiwanese chip
a Korean monitor
assembled by Chinese workers
transported by Indian lorry-drivers
different attitudes toward globalization
Globalization can be described as a process by which the people of the world are unified into a single society and function together. This process is a combination of economic, technological, socio-cultural and political forces.
late 1920’s
The first era
It was broken apart by the successive hammer blows of World War I, the Russian Revolution and the Great Depression.
the second era
The formally divided world that emerged after World War II was then frozen in place by the Cold War.
the third era
with the fall of the Berlin Wall, it was replaced by another system:modern globalization.
Causes & Reasons

Globalization has many causes including improved technology, social trends, and economic development.

After World War II, leaders around the world began to recognize the urgent need for greater cooperation between governments and economies.

To increase cooperation and mutual accountability, several political and economic institutions were founded.
Not everyone welcomes this image of the global village.
an image of post-colonial dominance of the world
do not want to be second-class citizens
do not want to give up their own treasured ways of life.

religious, ethnic, economic, and political differences continue to divide people
wants to protect itself

1 We have the chance to participate in the global events, such as the WTO and the U.N. thus improving our country’s position in the world.

2 We also have the chance to learn more about various cultures in the world and connect with the different areas in the world.

3 globalization contributes to the rational allocation of resources and interests in china.

1 The Chinese national enterprises were ,to a large extent, challenged by the foreign capital enterprises .

2 If the western countries suffer from economic crisis, it will spread to China soon and will cause a downturn of our country’s economy.

3 pornography and violence introduced by the west negatively influence the physical and mental health of Chinese .
1 America can gain larger market and cheaper labors globally.
2 Through financial penetration America can control the economy of the other countries and raven their treasures optionally.
3 It is more easy to steal technological and financial information from other countries.
4 Control organizations like WTO to serve for the benefits of the US.
1 With the massive moving-out of the American industries, the investments have been focused on countries and regions that need less cost. Domestic industries have been hollowed out.
2 The increasing scale of technology output also promotes the development of certain developing countries.
3 The military forces is not able to maintain all its privileges,.Some of them have to be sacrificed. This causes the large expense on military expenditure and hinder its economic development.
1 International status get weakened.The breeding population get expanded.And their state functions get degradated..
2 Under an irrational international political and economic order, the poor population is growing continuously, and the wealth gap and the gap between the North and the South are widening.
3 Cultural awareness get westernized.Africa is fast running the risk of cultural atrophy consequent of the current logic of globalization.
irresistible force

Whatever anxiety people have about the global village, they can see that contact among the people of the world is increasing.
conflicts and challenges of living in a global village
learn how to communicate across cultures
develop a broader worldview, a more global psychology, and the cultural skills
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