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Gathering Blue

by Lois Lowry

Hanna Tischer

on 22 August 2013

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Transcript of Gathering Blue

Gathering Blue
Book By; Lois Lowry
Report By; Hanna Tischer
1. The Village-
The place where Kira grew up.
2. The Field-
The place were the dead are placed and one of the direct family members sit next to their dead family member for four days, as the spirit of the dead family member departs from the body.
Also the place where the village sends people who have been exiled to be eaten by the Beasts.
3. Council Edifice-
The oldest building in the village.
The "Court Room" Building
The building where Kira lives and works, after Vandara is given Kira's land to build on.
4. Woods-
Annabella's house is here.
The Plot
In the exposition Kira is first, with her mother in the field waiting for her mother's spirit to leave the body. Then she returned back to the village. She went back to her burnt house where there was a pile of saplings. She reached for one of the saplings to start rebuilding her house. Then Vandara and a group of ladies emerge from behind the pile. They all held rocks in thei hands waiting to throw them. Then realizing the penalty of throwing the rocks Vandara decides to take Kira to Court. The verdict was that Vandara would get the land for the pen that she wanted, and Kira got to move into the Council Edifice Building, with the condition that she must repair the Singer's Robe. When she was unable to dye the threads she needed in order to repair the robe . Jamison (Her advisor and defener) sent her to Annabella's (A women Kira's Mother tought to dye) to learn about dying. Annabella had plants to make every color expect Blue but Kira needed blue for the robe.
Rising Action
During the intermision Matt comes into Kira's room. Matt said to Kira "I brought you two gifts a big one and a little one". He opened his hand and revealed a yellow flower. The yellow flower makes blue. Then the Gathering continued afterward Matt walked Kira back to her Room waiting in her room is a man. Matt brought this man back with him. Then the man told Kira that he is he father. Kira is amazed to find her father alive. She chats with him and she tells him that Jamison has been watching after her and then he tells her that Jamison was the one who hurt him and that there were and are no beasts. He has been living in a healer the village of healing where the disabled and hurt go to live.
Falling Action
Christopher, Kira's Dad, tells Kira that she is to come with him to his village. Kira do not want to go, butthen decides that she should. The morning of the day they are to leave, Kira goes and tends her garden and thinks that her mother was poisoned because no one else caught the disease. Then Kira thinks has been used to help the village.
Kira decides to stay in the village to make things right.
Matt leads Kira's Father back to the village of healing.
Thomas ( Kira's next door neighbor) heard crying from the floor beneath his room. After this happened a few times, Kira, Matt (Kira's friend from before she moved), and Thomas went downstairs and found Jamison with a little girl who was crying, Jamison was forcing her to sing. Later on Kira went back down to the basement by herself to speak with the girl. She learned that the girl's name was Jo and that she was orphaned just like Thomas and Kira. After Kira has told Thomas of the vist they conclude that because all three of them can do arts their parents were killed in order for the village to take control of their talents. Then Matt does not vist Kira for two days. Kira and Thomas go into Fen (Where matt is from) looking for Matt. His friends said "Matt ran away from the village, because he got into a fight with his mom". As the gathering approaches, the village gets busier making it harder to find Matt. Then during the Gathering Kira , Thomas, and Jo all sit on the stage. As the singer sings Matt shows up in the crowd carrying a flower.
Gathering Blue by Lowis Lowry
1. Kira: Main Character, Deformed leg, Mother died of illness, Father "died" by being taken by beasts.
2. Katrina: Kira's Mother, Kept Kira from being put in the field.
3. Matt: Kira's Best Friend, is a fen, has a dog named Branch.
4. Thomas: Kira's friend who lives in the same building, parents were stuck by lightning
5. Vandara: Dislikes Kira, built a pen on Kira's land for the tykes.
6. Jamison: Kira's Defender and Adviser, yelled at Jo, was with Kira's father when he "died".
7. Jo: The future Singer, misses her dead parents.
8. Christopher: Kira's Father lives in the village of healing, wears blue.
9. Annabella: Kira's mother taught her to dye, Kira is learning how to dye from her.
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