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Unplugged in the 21st Century

The Amish and technology.

Kara Arnold

on 29 April 2010

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Transcript of Unplugged in the 21st Century

Some Amish communities do allow electric lights and stoves
TV's or radios are not allowed Farming and Machinery

The Amish use real "horse" power to operate their machinery.

The Amish believe that a simplistic life will allow them to focus on God.

They do not believe that worldly technologies, like telephones or computers, are necessary. Transportation
The Amish use horses and buggies for daily travel
Usually though the community has one car for emergencies. Unplugged in the 21st Century
The Amish and Technology Phones
The Amish usually only have one phone for emergency purposes and it is not located in someone's house.
The leader of the community is in charge of the phone.
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