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Afghanistan Men and Women Clothing Through Out The Years:

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Marley Rogers

on 23 February 2015

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Transcript of Afghanistan Men and Women Clothing Through Out The Years:

Afghanistan Men and Women's Fashion Through Out The Years:
By: Marley Rogers and Ashlyn Spotts

Women's Fashion:
In 1950’s fashion for women was the same as in western culture.
When it was in fashion in the west, women in the capital city of Kabul were also wearing short sleeve shirts and mini skirts.
This was very interesting to research about seeing how the people of Afghanistan especially the women went from very western style clothing, to very oppressive clothing, and then a beautiful mix of their own style (specifically hijabs) but, being able to free where -for the most part- what they want to on their bodies.
Women's Fashion:
During the Taliban regime women had to wear long dress with a trouser as well as a Burqa (Chadari) on top to cover them from the head to the ankle.
Women were only allowed to wear black shoes, but never white.
Wearing jeans or western style pants were totally forbidden for men and women under no circumstances during the Taliban, and if any one was seen in western style clothing, they were thrown in jail with punishments.
Men's Fashion:
Men's traditional clothing included several different styles of coats, hats and dress.
Very well made Lamb skin coats and hats were also popular.
King Zahir Shah
was the last King of Afghanistan, reigning for four decades
Taliban Regime
The Taliban is an Islamic militant group operating in Afghanistan and western Pakistan.
Men's Fashion:
The dress became more common during the Taliban regime when they banned foreign style clothing such as suits, jeans, and pants.
During the dark period of Taliban regime, men had to wear this particular dress code which is a combination of long knee length dress with a baggy trouser. Men also had to have a hat or turban as head covering with a long beard.
Presidential System:
Have had 3 presidents since 2001.
Women's Fashion
The Traditional Women Clothing in Afghanistan is really unique and beautiful.
Because, of the well handmade embroidery and design. The dress is really long and made of cotton with a combination of different colors.
Currently the normal clothing for women is mostly shirts with jeans, along with a head scarf called a hijab.
Men's Fashion:
The typical Afghanistan clothing for men is the long knee length dress with the baggy trouser called 'Perahan Tunban' or (Kamiz Shalwar).
But, people are wearing jeans and suits as well.
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