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The Bite of the Mango

No description

Megan Goins

on 9 January 2013

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Transcript of The Bite of the Mango

The Bite of the Mango Mariatu's Story After Reading Audience and Purpose Five things I learned Recommend? The tragic events Mariatu's Life Today People in her life Mariatu Kamara History Behind the Revolution Susan McClelland The Author Born 1986 and raised in Magboro, Sierra Leone
Parents are Sampa and Aminatu
Raised by Marie and Alie
Decided to write a book about her journey from Sierra Leone to Canada Born in Toronto
Became a freelance journalist in 2005
The Bite of the Mango (2008) 1991-2002
Revolutionary United Front vs. Joseph Momon Goverment
50,000 dead
UN with Britian Defeated the RUF Muhammad and Ibrahim - other children under Marie and Alie’s care
Adamsey – the only daughter of Marie
Marie and Alie – Aunt and uncle of Mariatu also her caretakers
Salieu – the man who wanted to marry Mariatu and raped her
Fatmata – Friend who helped Mariatu recover
Abibatu – a different aunt that cared for baby Abdul
Abdul – Mariatu’s child
Kadi- Leonean in Canada who help Immagrents from Sierra Leone settle in.
Bill – Sponsor who brought Mariatu to Canada 27 years old
UNICEF Special Representative For children in Armed Conflict
Voice of courage Honoree by the women's commision for refugee Women and children
A collage student in Toronto The rebels attacked the Manarma village
She receives medical help in Freetown
Gives birth to Abdul
Moved to Aberdeen Amputee camp
Journalists recorded her story leading to sponsors such as: Bill and David
Abdul dies of a disease, 10 months
David brought her to England
Goes to Canada
Bill leaves her with Kadi Girls 14+
To enlighten people on War and its affect on people Learned of brutal conditions during civil war
I should consider the benfits we have compared to others
Not everyone recieves support and help from others
When you have a chance at a better life, take it
People take a long time to recover from horrific events Yes, I would recommend this book. It shows you incite into the lives of people during war. Meet Mariatu Sierra Leone Civil War
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