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UTU Debating Club 2013-2014

UTU Debating Club does not own the music.

Angelos Emmanouilidis

on 16 August 2013

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Transcript of UTU Debating Club 2013-2014

Who we are
University of Turku Debating Club is a relatively new TYY sub-organization founded in 2010 and is the only official University Debating Club in the city of Turku and one of the very few in Finland
The objectives of the club are multiple
Improvement of both oral and presentation skills
Enhance critical and logical thinking, introduce different kinds of argumentation and all these in a safe environment
Supports members to participate in tournaments around the world
The meetings themselves are a great opportunity to expand your social circle and make friends
Find us
Organizes lectures, seminars, workshops, exhibition debates and other social events inside and outside the university campus encouraging the members to participate in them
The board
Emmanouilidis Angelos, President
Koniakou Vasiliki, Vice President
Falck Mikael, Treasurer
Koko Ville, Secretary
Mietinen Keni, Councelor
Magee Andrea, External Affairs
Becoming a member
UTU Debating Club
Anyone can join us. It is easy and free
It doesn't matter if you are inexperienced in debating
On the other hand, if you are an experienced debater there is always room for improvement
The working language is English, which makes it possible for both Finnish and International students to engage in all the activities
There are no more obligations and responsibilities towards the club other than those you wish to take
Whatever the goal you come to the meetings with might be, UTU Debating Club is here to help you achieve it!
Adoption of English as the official language
Less than 10 members

Progress in establishing its presence at the university
Adoption of British Parliamentary format
1st National Finnish Championship in Helsinki
Around 12 members
Ground Reforms
OPA Tournament in Greece
Researchers Night
Library Project
Entrance in the Finnish Taxation System
More than 25 members
Change of the Rules
Exhibition Debate in co-operation with ISTU
Workshops in co-operation with ELSA Turku
Seminar in co-operation with LEX
Sitz-Party in co-operation with ESN Uni Turku and TuKY CIA
More than 50 members
Giving the opportunity to practice what they have learned, meet new people and travel in various cities and countries
Estonian Open in Tartu
Nordic Debating Championship in Helsinki
Patras Open in Greece
Turku Open 2013
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