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Key Features Of Moving Image: Fiction, Factual and advertising

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seb farr

on 8 March 2015

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Transcript of Key Features Of Moving Image: Fiction, Factual and advertising

Key features of moving image
Fiction, Factual and advertising


Works by re-presenting certain aspects or things in the movie, possibly in a different way.
used so people will want to go and see the film/movie.
Effect on audience is that they will see the representation i.e. space travel, time travel and will go to see it making more profit. For example, Elysium re-presents the masculinity of men and it also re-presents the class system with the rich on Elysium and the rest on earth or elitism and also uprising/rebellion, which gives the effect of people who like it seeing
those things in a different way, which compared to iron man, has none of the same representations, but involves representations of rich people and what they do with it, which can also be compared to batman, which is the same representation, but with different ways, the effect is that people can see them in a different way.
Narrative structure
The way narrative structue works is that the narrative of the fiction would be that of either linear, which means that it goes from the beginning, through the middle of the storyline, which could be a problem, to the ending, which is a resolution, or a non- linear storyline, which entails from the beginning towards the middle, then may loop to further back and then continue again, with the possibility of looping more than one time
used to attract audience and to help them understand better or to entice the audience and keep them watching the show, creating more revenue
Effect on audience is that they can understand the film/movie and will see it more often. For example, Elysium follows a normal, linear structure which means the audience can follow it better and can enjoy it more, compared to something like the TV series of Alcatraz, which has a non-linear storyline.
Genre codes and themes
Used and works by the creators putting recurring things, i.e. robotics or the fact that there are no diseases on Elysium to suggest a theme or a genre to the film/movie so it creates a genre that the audience will know and expect from the film itself.
effect on the audience would be that people who like that genre are more likely to go and see the movie. For example, some themes are robotics, science fiction and rebellion/uprising with the effect of those who like it want to go and will definitely want it, like with iron man, which has another genre of robotics and has the same effect of it but in the way of mainly focusing on a few genres.
style and use of stars
works by directors getting stars to come in which creates a style for the film. Used to attract audiences to get them to go and see the film
Effect on audience is that they will recognize the star and will want to go see them as it will be likely to . for example, Elysium uses the star Matt Damon to endorse the film and gather more viewers. Because of the fact it is Matt Damon, the audience will want it to be a action movie as that is what he is know for
psychographic appeal and modes of address
works by touching a emotion i.e. inspiration/ addressing the audience. Used to make the viewer want connect with the advert and so they will go and see it or want to have what it is advertising/ makes the viewer understand what the advert is telling them to do and will do it. Effect on audience would be that they might want to go and see the film due to them being told too or wanting to go and see what the advert appeals too. For example, the marmite advert uses a direct mode of address i.e. imperatives with ''love it.
Hate it. just don't forget it.'', creating an effect of that people will then remember marmite and will then buy it more, compared to the advert for virgin media internet, which uses a direct address to tell the people that it is better than other internet suppliers, with the effect of that people will then know exactly to go and start using virgin media for their internet, which gives them yet more profit
Types and Persuasive techniques
works by the makers, making the advertisement a specific type of advert i.e.6/ using certain techniques to make it persuasive. Used to make the viewer know what type the advert and film is/ make the viewer want to go and see the film. Effect on audience would be that the viewer who likes that style would want to go and see it/ persuade the viewer to go and see what it is advertising.
Representation and creating a 'buzz'
Information + messages and Values
works by giving the viewer information like statistics or facts/ putting across a message or a value in the advert such as morals or hidden stories. Used so the viewer will be persuaded to go and see/ get what is advertising/ used to make the viewer connect with the value or understand the message. Effect is that the Viewer will then go and see the film/ understand the value that the film shows and will go and see it
works by making a demographic appeal to the viewer/ having a feature that makes it viral (i.e. a jingle). Used so the viewer will want to go and see the representation/. make the viewer remember it. Effect on audience would be that of them going
to go and see it/ making it stick in
their head so they will be more likely
to go and see what it is advertising. For example, the marmite advert re-presents the dogs trust adverts in a satire way with dogs being replaced with marmite., which creates a sense of comedy, that, compared to the virgin media advert that shows representation of runners, internet and people which gives an effect of making the viewer want to go and change to virgin media
observational and reportage
works by the creators using certain camera shots to put across their wiewpoint on something or someone/ making something investigative for the viewer to enjoy. Used so the viewer will recognize the type and if they like it, they will want to see/ inform the viewer. Effect on the audience would be that they would want to see it and will enjoy the camera angles but will know their viewpoint and will be likely to share their viewppoint on the object/ the viewer will know some truth. For example BBC news uses different camera shots to portray a person if biased against/for him or different camera shots for different points of view. The effect of this is that to get us to join and agree with their point of view, unlike my big fat gypsy wedding, which uses different camera angles and different people with different viewpoints, which is used so people don't need and don't want one viewpoint.
objectivity and subjectivity + structure
Works by people making it biased or mainly towards one side or not biased/ adding features like footage or voice overs. Used so the show shows either both sides of the argument or mainly one side, which will convince the viewer towards either one viewpoint or encouraging neutrality for a person/ the viewer can understand what is happening or seeing evidence of something or even seeing that is happening. Effect on audience would be that they would either agree or disagree with one side or can see both sides of an argument/ seeing or hearing the features added and will understand more.
reconstruction and interviews
They work by recreating an event but most likely dramatised/ interviewing someone by asking them questions in front of the camera or using a hidden camera. They are used so viewers have a basic understanding what happened/ so viewers know what the person is saying and can take it in i.e. a description of someone. Effect on audience would be that they would know what happened loosly and remember it/ people will know what the the thing was like in anothers viewpoint
modes of address
Modes of adresss works by the show addressing the person or people watching.It is used to address the audience so they may know what it is and will know either what to do or what others are doing. The effect on the audience would be that they would know exactly what they were being addressed for and will do it. BBC news uses this by asking for photos or opinions or will tell you that something can be done (guests). The effect is to draw us in compared to my big fat gypsy wedding where they use different modes of address, such as indirect or using voice overs to narrate and tell us, which doesn't draw us in, but can be used to keep us watching
Realism and positioning
Works by people adding stylistic features of editing and camera/ works by people adding a positional view i.e. ideological. Used for people to see the stylistic features and enjoy them with the factual section of it, meaning that more reveneue is created by the show/ used so people can see the positional view of the directors shown and may be convinced by the meaning shown through this to share that view. Effect on audience would be that they like the stylistic features and will be more able to learn the factual side/ effect on audience would be that some of them would agree with that view. BBC's 60 second news shows this is certain shots to show their view on a person
Key features of moving image
An Example of factual would be BBC's 60 second news
The audience of this would be teens to adults as children would not pay much attention to the news, no other specific also it does not truly matter what economic background. Purpose of this would be to inform anyone watching of things that are happening. BBCs news is displayed on BBC 3 almost every hour so is extremely easy to see.
An Example of Fiction would be Elysium
The audience of this would be teens and adults due to the science fiction theme of it, however, Matt Damon is known for action, so people would expect a science fiction/action, not many other specifications, but for class, it would be for C2 and above due to it being a film in a cinema Purpose of this would be that of entertainment. as this is a film, it is only available on TV rarely and would have to be bought
An example of this would be the marmite advert
The target audience would be for all ages, but especially families, with no other specific points. The purpose of this is to entertain people to keep their attention, but also to persuade the viewers to then buy Marmite. As this is an advert, it is also extremely easy too see as it is displayed on almost every channel at some time.
Another example of fiction would be Iron man
The target audience of this film/ trilogy of films would be older children to young adults as while it is also a science fiction, it is a more realistic science fiction. The purpose of the film is to entertain the viewers. Because it is a film, it is only available on TV rarely and would have to be bought if people want to watch it regularly
Another example of factual would be My big fat gypsy wedding
The target audience of this would be either children of teenagers as this type of factual, which is a documentry but with a patronising tone, would probably not appeal to adults.The purpose of this would be to entertain the audience.It is played on channel 4 so is relatively easy to watch and find.. This uses mode of address in the patronising way to make the audience more likely to make fun of the characters involved instead of relating to them.
A second example of advertising would be the virgin media advert
this advert uses usain bolt to represent their super fast broadband comparing it to a slower person who represents normal broadband. This advert, like the marmite one, is available extremely easy as it is played on a large range if channels. The target audience of this advert would be homeowners, as they would be looking for an internet supplier
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